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Aluminium requirement in auto industry to double by 2025 - Alcoa

According to Alcoa, the increasingly restrictive fuel efficiency laws that are compelling automakers to lighten the vehicles weight are set to make aluminium the preferred alternative thus increasing its demand 2 fold by 2025.

Mr Randall Scheps Alcoa's director of automotive marketing said that carmakers are moving away from steel and are seeking aluminium alternatives to make components.

He said that "We have every car maker calling us, wanting to increase their aluminium content, wanting to start new R&D projects about how they can convert bodies from steel to aluminium wanting to convert hoods and doors from steel to aluminium."

The auto industry consumed around 11.5 million tonnes of aluminium last year which is set to increase to an estimated 24.8 million tonnes by 2025. An average car will use 250 kilograms of aluminium by 2025 as compared to 155 kilograms being used. However, proponents of ultra light high strength steel would no doubt disagree with Alocoa's analysis

Source - Just-auto.com

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