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Aluminum Industry is Pooling Its Strength

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Aluminum Industry is Pooling Its Strength

Trimet to Purchase Metal for Honsel

Essen and Meschede, Germany, April 7, 2010. As of April 1, 2010, Trimet Aluminium AG, Essen, will be the sole metal supplier to Honsel AG, Meschede. The Essen company, which is already Honsel’s biggest supplier, will provide the latter with more than 100,000 tons of primary aluminum, magnesium, and special alloys annually in the future.

“Entrusting Trimet with our metal puchases will strengthen our long, successful partnership, which has been beneficial to our customers in the automobile, mechanical engineering, and consumer goods industries,” Peter Harbig, CEO of Honsel AG, says. The ability to ensure a steady supply of light metals at competitive prices is a distinct competitive edge, as is the development of new, higher performing alloys, which would be advanced in cooperation with Trimet. “In light of the situation on the metal markets, which is becoming increasingly complex due to their high volatility, outsourcing our metal purchasing to Trimet is a logical step,” Harbig states.

Trimet, which started as a trading company, has become one of the largest German aluminum producers. The company owns sophisticated financing, hedging, and compensation tools that balance price fluctuations and provides its customers with reliable calculations, thus minimizing the risks for processors such as Honsel or customers such as automakers. In addition, Trimet, which produces exclusively in Germany, guarantees that its primary and secondary aluminum production is particularly environmentally friendly.

By increasing the delivery volume to Honsel, Trimet will expand its leading position as an aluminum producer and trader on the market. The Trimet Executive Board is convinced that, in the end, all of its customers will profit from the company’s stronger market position.

Both companies’ strategy is to focus more than ever on their core competencies. As a result, Trimet will place more emphasis on trading and producing light metals and developing innovative special alloys that are based on aluminum, while Honsel will concentrate on the development and production of light metal components. In addition to the classic processes of casting, extrusion, and rolling, the finishing and machining of products, for example with the help of innovative coating processes, will take on a bigger role in the company’s service portfolio.


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