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Alumotive: 11-13 June 2014 Verona-Italy

Centro Ricerche FIAT and FIAT Group Purchasing – Special Guest
The mission of Centro Ricerche FIAT (CRF), founded in 1978, is to develop and transfer innovative products, processes and methodologies in order to improve the competitiveness of FIAT Group (GF) on the international arena. CRF conducts collaborative research initiatives at a national and international level in partnership with all the key public and private stakeholders in the mobility sector with the aim to maximize industrial spin-offs.

FIAT Group Purchasing is the company that manages FIAT purchases. This department will therefore organize purchasing strategies and ensure the highest level of integration among the various Fiat Group companies as well as the strengthening of global partnerships with suppliers for better stability and more development opportunities.

FIAT Group Purchasing operates in Italy, in Europe, in America and in Asia with 1,800 employees and a total purchasing volume of approx. €29 billion.

Fiat Group Purchasing is department to which purchasing activities of Fiat Group Automobiles, Iveco, CNH, Fiat Powertrain Technologies and Fast Buyer will report.


Zanardi Fonderie: Silver Sponsor and exhibitor
Zanardi Fonderie is leader in the development and manufacturing of austempered ductile iron (ADI), which is produced with a robust integrated process inclusive of austempering heat treatment in the company's unique plant of Minerbe (Verona, Italy). At Alumotive, Zanardi Fonderie will showcase parts for vehicle suspensions, wheel axles for agricultural machinery, parts for trailers for special transportation, die holders for high speed applications, equipment for high speed manipulators, motor shafts, all marked out by weight reduction and/or performance improvement given the same weight. The company will exhibit inside the "SAVE THE WEIGHT" area. This new initiative, created by METEF technical committee and promoted in association with the Cluster for Lightweight Design (Leichtbau-Cluster, LC), aims at promoting excellent cases contributing to vehicle lightweight. Zanardi Fonderie's innovative solutions derive from research activities on the materials characteristics in terms of fatigue design, elasto-plastic deformation, notch and defect effects, and innovative processes for improved foundry castings. The company has a production capacity, mainly oriented to middle-sized supplies, of approx. 22,000 tpy of cast iron, 10,000 of which of ADI, and its castings have a unit weight ranging between 0,5 and 120 kg. Production and organization of the company comply with international quality standards: OHSAS 18001 for internal safety, EMAS registration and ISO 14001 certification for external environment protection. Compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard ensures quality for the customer and also includes co-engineering.


Germany partner to METEF
METEF is honoured that Germany, Europe's reference point for its great industrial tradition, considers this expo so important for the metals sector that DE International (the Italia-German Chamber of Commerce) has established a partnership with the Verona-based exhibition for the 2014 edition. The attraction and appreciation that Germany feels for the Italian industry have already been largely shown last year when Hans Peter Keitel, number one of the German industrial association, while talking of his country and ours, declared: "When we understand that we perfectly combine, together we'll be a decisive factor to build Europe anew to the advantage of the industrial sector." Efforts to promote METEF international character are bearing fruit, and this major partnership is a real sign that give added value for all the participants to the exhibition.


ATA - technical association – sponsor to Alumotive 2014
ATA - Technical Association with head office in Orbassano, Turin - is a prestigious sponsor of the upcoming ALUMOTIVE 2014.

The Association also directs its activities through regional branch offices based on the activities of local universities' excellence centres.

ATA has about 3,000 individual members including students, researchers, academics, engineers and technicians involved in the automotive technology and over 100 partners in the most important universities and companies operating in this area.

ATA is one of the founding organizations of FISITA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Ingénieurs des Techniques de l'Automobile) and of EAEC (European Automobile Engineers Cooperation), founded in 1984.


Magnesium - lightweight first
The need to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption makes vehicle lightweight a must for carmakers. This is why a metal whose density is 35% lower than aluminium is coming up again, also thanks to the development of a new generation of alloys. Magnesium has an optimal strength/weight ratio, excellent castability that enable casting of extremely complex geometry parts, extraordinary recyclability and great workability. Some magnesium alloys are very ductile and are ideal to produce high energy-absorption parts that do not easily break. Magnesium elastic module is little over 60% in comparison with aluminium but this is offset by larger sections. In practice magnesium alloy parts weigh 20% less than aluminium, and since a 10% reduction of a car overall mass leads to a 6 to 7% decrease of fuel consumption, magnesium alloys are very interesting for several applications such as steering wheel metal cores, seat frames, dashboard and door panels, crossbars and additional frames for engine brackets, just to mention uses for bodyworks, chassis and vehicle interiors.


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