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Asiamold 2008 – Take advantage of China!

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China - the Middle Kingdom. A land characterized by its strong traditional side and the transformation into modernity. Like no other country, China succeeded to develop an economic platform after such a short time. China left its reputation of a “Low-Cost-Producer” for the toy industry behind long ago and bit by bit strengthens its position in the mold making and tooling industry significantly.

Economic data speak for themselves. No other country established itself in such a short period as a profitable place to do business. Numerous companies opened a production facility in China during the last years.

With a GDP of 14.5 % in 2007, the economic growth of the province Guangdong with the capital Guangzhou is above Chinese average. Guangdong is Chinas “motor of growth” and belongs to the economically fastest developing regions of the world. 33 % of China’s export volume is being produced here, which means that the reputation of Guangdong being the strongest region of this country can be claimed. The regional government expressed the interest to extend international economic relationships in trade as well as in direct investments.

Numerous companies in the automotive industry have already settled down in Guangzhou. Honda, Toyota and Nissan have production facilities in the region, and Hyundai plans to establish a facility here in the near future, too. As a result, more than hundred automotive suppliers are located in Guangdong.

Furthermore, Guangdong is a huge importer of machines and constructions which are required for the further development. Other key areas of investment are the electronic industry, new materials and environmental technology.

After the successful start last year, the Asiamold is once again organized in cooperation of DEMAT and the Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd., and the choice of the location was a well considered decision. The great success of the Asiamold 2007 proves – a fair can’t start more successful! The success encourages, and so, the organisers have a lot on the agenda for the second edition of Asiamold. Like the whole market in China, Asiamold is growing. It’s a matter of fact: The early bird catches the worm! Who doesn’t go to China now, will pass a chance which he doesn’t get back so easily.

A perfect opportunity for the access to the Chinese market is Asiamold. DEMAT GmbH offers a full service so that our exhibitors don’t have to care about any details but can concentrate on their business. Guangzhou is the biggest fairground in Asia, which enables to get in contact with the most important Buyers on this booming market.

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