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Asian Metallurgy 2011 - SteelTech & MetalTech

Erging economies like India and China, whose sustainable growth depends on continuous supply of raw materials have been the main drivers for demand of steel and non-ferrous metals for the past few years. The Indian metals industry, too, has performed really well and provided an impetus to the global market. This, in turn, has led several mining companies across the world to expand their operations into the Asian and the Pacific region.

While the steel mills are enhancing their production capacities, the industrial metals & minerals companies are equally geared up to supply to their needs and thereby sustaining a strong and stable market. According to forecast, the metals industry (comprising steel and non-ferrous metals) growth will continue to remain strong in future since there is a construction explosion going on in almost every expanse of the Eastern region, may it be in China, India, the Middle East or other South Eastern Asian countries.

Taking this into account, `Steelworld' and `Metalworld' are jointly organising the Asian Metallurgy 2011, the three-day exhibition scheduled to be held in Mumbai during June 09-11, 2011. The Asian Metallurgy 2011 will showcase new technologies, processes and products from different regions and will promote trade, technology transfer and joint ventures.

Another major highlight of the event is the `Asian Metallurgy 2010 - Virtual' which is in fact an online trade show, where we put the atmosphere of a physical trade show, right here on the Internet. All you need is access to the Internet. We will create a virtual booth for you, which will provide your company's general information contact details and product details.

The Asian Metallurgy 2011 is all set to be one of the biggest gatherings of steel and non-ferrous industry professionals in the Asian region. The exhibition aims to provide a unique platform for the steel business houses from regions like Indian subcontinent, China, Gulf, SE Asia and Europe to share knowledge, technologies as well as its markets.

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