ASK Chemicals becomes exclusive distributor of SphereOX® in Europe

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Ashland-Südchemie-Kernfest GmbH (ASK Chemicals) the leading manufacturer of foundry resins and coatings, based in Hilden Germany, has signed an agreement with US-based Chesapeake Speciality Products, Inc. (CSP) to exclusively distribute SphereOX® in Europe.

SphereOX® is a highly effective foundry sand additive for eliminating veining and most gas type defects. It improves the economy of a foundry by reducing casting rework and providing a cleaner worker environment (no dust and lower VOC’s). “We feel that it is an ideal supplement to the ASK Group portfolio especially when used in combination with our binder systems, other additives and coatings” says Dr. Thomas Oehmichen, Managing Director of ASK Group. The affectivity of the high-standard ASK coatings and binders can now be further increased by the application of SphereOX® to avoid many casting defects.

SphereOX® is applicable for many casting processes, especially for no-bake molds and cores and resin coated shell sands.  It increases mold strength and improves the finish of castings. Also speciality sands (chromite and zircon) can be replaced in low temperature environments and for small castings.The spherical shape of SphereOX® increases tensile strength and maintains gas permeability that allows expansion and escape of gases. It eliminates harmful gases and has no resin demand. SphereOX® has less surface area and thus consumes less binder so that savings can be obtained not only in the cleaning room, but also on resin cost.  In combination with ASK binders, SphereOX® is a highly interesting and economically alternative to many other additives.

The use of SphereOX® strengthens ASK Chemicals efforts to offer innovative high quality products to its customers supporting them to increase productivity, reduce the amount of waste generated and improve the casting results as well as to contribute to a safe and healthy environment with less emissions and odours.

Casting without SphereOX®Casting with SphereOX®
Casting without SphereOX®Casting with SphereOX®


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