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ASK Chemicals - new global supplier for the foundry industry

With ASK Chemicals, based in Hilden, Germany, a new, globally positioned supplier for the foundry industry is getting started. “New” is both true and false. The new company is a joint venture with a long history, combining the previous foundry activities of Ashland Inc. (Casting Solutions), USA, the foundry division of Süd Chemie AG, Munich, Germany, and Ashland Südchemie Kernfest, the former Joint Venture of both parent companies.

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Under the global umbrella brand name "ASK Chemicals" the company is now offering foundries across the world with its high-quality products and comprehensive service solutions. The key company figures underline the claim to be a global provider: more than 1,600 employees worldwide of 30 subsidiaries in 24 countries are at the disposal of customers for their product development and services with 16 production sites.

Thinking globally but trading and supplying locally is the company's promise, enabling to meet the needs of its customers across the world, including the industry leaders in the heavy and high-technology sectors. The product range encompasses all the resources necessary for highly efficient foundry products, such as binders, coatings, additives, feeders and metallurgical products.

The company sees particular challenges in developing products which satisfy the increasing technical requirements and the criteria necessary for conserving energy and resources. With innovative products such as the INOTEC inorganic binder system or the latest generation of highly efficient cold box binders, ASK Chemicals offers a range of fully developed solutions on the market.

ASK Chemicals - the new global company will be presenting information along with new products and services at GIFA 2011 from June 28 to July 2, 2011 in Hall 12, Booth A24.

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