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ASK Chemicals presents its high-quality portfolio at IFEX 2012

At this year’s IFEX, ASK Chemicals India will present itself with comprehensive casting know-how and the latest product developments for the Indian foundry industry.

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Cylinder head core package coated with MIRATEC TS
Cylinder head core package coated with MIRATEC TS
Water-jacket crankcase core
Water-jacket crankcase core

This year, ASK Chemicals, with its Indian subsidiary, will be presenting the latest developments in innovative foundry chemicals and related services. Visitors can expect a competent team of foundry experts and a presentation of innovative foundry auxiliaries for all stages of foundry processes. Resins, feeders, water and alcohol-based coatings as well as hi-tech filters and coated sand will be the highlights of ASK Chemicals’ display at this year's IFEX.

Highlights at IFEX 2012
Particular emphasis is given to the presentation of new cold box binder systems for aluminium castings, PEPSET no-bake binders designed for all types of casting.

The ISOCURETM high-efficiency cold box binder for aluminium castings offers a range of important benefits to foundries:

The lower viscosity of the resin guarantees better sand flowability. High strength and a fast cure speed resulting in low binder levels and low mixed ton costs are further benefits of ASK Chemicals’ ISOCURETM system. Furthermore, it is the advanced technology for long mixed sand bench life and provides very good moisture and humidity resistance. Finally, ISOCURETM offers good sand removal properties and promotes good shakeout.

PEP SETTM no-bake binders are designed for all types of casting and offer higher productivity than conventional phenolic urethane no-bakes, resulting in the best ratio of working to stripping time.

The lower viscosity of the binder enhances mixing efficiency, mixed sand flowability and pumping to tanks and mixers. Good reactivity, improved strengths and excellent casting finishes are further benefits of this new no-bake binder system. Finally, the reduction of odours and smoke during the casting process are important ecological advantages that the PEP SETTM binder system offers to customers.

NOVASETTM no-bake binders provide good anti-veining and erosion resistance properties. The processing and physical properties of this new binder system are also excellent: good sand flowability and faster curing, better strength and higher thermal resistance. NOVASETTM is recommended for all types of casting.

Constantly high product quality

ASK Chemicals adds significant value to the Indian foundry industry – not only through its excellent high-quality products, but also through its experts, who understand all the details and demands of the entire casting process. ASK Chemicals can offer customer-specific solutions by fine-tuning product performance and the casting process in such a way that the specific foundry can produce the desired casting quality under the most competitive conditions.

“A key benefit for Indian foundries is the constantly high product quality provided by ASK. We use our international foundry expertise and adapt it to the specific demands of our Indian customers. This is how we develop together with our customers – by using technologically advanced products and people with a broad expertise in foundry-specific solutions. This allows our Indian customers to achieve the best casting results possible. “We form a strong and long-lasting partnership with our customers – for our mutual benefit” says Dr Jochen Landes, CEO of ASK Chemicals India.

Research focus

Technological innovations and research are not the only focus of IFEX and the concurrent Indian Foundry Congress, but also the key competences of ASK Chemicals. In line with the central theme of both the exhibition and congress, “Moulding success through innovations”, ASK is presenting its latest developments in cold box and no-bake binder systems at its booth.

At this year’s congress, Dr Reinhard Stötzel, Global Product Manager Coatings and Additives, will be presenting a new research project on coatings and additives. Vinayak Ghotge, Product Manager Coatings, co-authored the research paper with the title “New coatings and additives concepts as an entire approach for defect and residue free castings”. The paper will be dealing with new concepts for a comprehensive approach to defect- and residue-free castings. The latest findings of these studies were achieved as a result of a multinational development project and have led to improvements in new high-performance coatings for automotive casting.

ASK Chemicals GmbH is a leading supplier for "Alcohol-based coatings", "Facing sand binders", "Phenolic resins" and many more. For further information and contact details click here: ASK Chemicals GmbH