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ASK Chemicals: Special Coating for Aluminum Die Casting Improves Service Life of Dies

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SOLITEC™ AD 901 Die Coating

For suppliers to the automotive industry, the production of casted aluminum parts by means of gravity and low pressure die casting is of high technological and economic importance. With precisely these requirements in mind, ASK Chemicals – coatings specialists - developed the semi-insulating die coating SOLITEC™ AD 901, a highly efficient water-based coating that offers major economic advantages in foundry processes thanks to its extremely long service life.

In addition to ensuring that molds are filled completely, controlling the solidification of the cast part and protecting the mold surface, SOLITEC™ AD 901 offers another key benefit: The service life of the dies is more than 50 % longer than when other standard coatings are used. This prolongs the intervals required for die coating and maintenance and, therefore, increases the availability.

The comparatively high graphite content of SOLITEC™ AD 901 also significantly reduces the ejection forces and hence the loads on the mold surfaces. Even production downtime lasting up to four hours does not have any negative impact on the quality of the coating or cast part. The economic impact of this is longer usage periods with reduced maintenance costs.

At ASK Chemicals, more than 90 chemists, engineers and technicians on three continents are hard at work responding to the requirements of suppliers of aluminum cast parts. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience and by engaging in dialogue with our customers, our research teams working in state-of-the-art laboratories develop products that are as innovative as they are efficient and that set new industry standards time and time again.

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