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Braun - 2 Traverse Abrasive Cut-Off Machines Type TS 12 F For Warm Cutting Layers Of Bars

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For KARDEMIR’s new bar and wire rod mill to be installed in Karabük, the capital of the Turkish province of Karabük, BRAUN has been selected as the supplier of two high-performance traverse abrasive cut-off machines. These state-of-the-art cutting units are key components required for the production of special bar qualities (SBQ).

Task and Project Development:

Kardemir Iron Steel Industry and Trade Co. Inc.
(KARDEMIR) is Turkey’s first integrated steel plant, located in the province of Karabük in the Black Sea Region.


In a first stage, the new rolling mill supplied by the SMS Group has an annual capacity of 700,000 metric tons, allowing for a capacity increase to 1,400,000 metric tons per year in a second phase. Main products are surface-quenched and tempered rebars, straight bars, as well as wire rod and rod in coils. With this combined bar and wire rod mill, KARDEMIR produces cost-effectively even in small batches and, thus, is able to flexibly react to market demands at any time.

The two high-performance abrasive cut-off machines, type TS 12 F supplied by BRAUN Maschinenfabrik GmbH are installed in-line, after the cooling bed of the rolling mill. These state-of-the-art cutting facilities are designed for the utilization of cutting wheels with a diameter of up to 1270 mm (performancewise and economically the optimum cutting wheel size) and allow warm or cold cutting of up to 1340 mm wide layers of bars. Included in BRAUN’s scope of supply are various accessories as well as the complete automation system which is interfaced with the rolling mill’s control system. The design of the equipment is based on the highest standards (safety, etc.). Furthermore, as a standard practice, only first-class bought-in components from reliable suppliers, such as e. g. SIEMENS, ABB or REXROTH are used.

During the execution of the project, BRAUN has been working closely with the SMS Group, the supplier of the main rolling mill equipment. Wherever practicable and useful, bought-in components of same make and model have been used. Moreover, BRAUN’s cut-off machines are also perfectly integrated into the overall utility supply system of the rolling mill, e. g. SMS Group’s central hydraulic station is used to also feed the hydraulic equipment of the two abrasive cut-off machines, etc.

The SMS Group has been a long-term partner of BRAUN. Numerous projects for rolling mills and forges have already been jointly executed in the one or the other way over the years - in some cases with BRAUN being SMS Group‘s selected subsupplier (e. g. for this project at KARDEMIR), in others with BRAUN and the SMS Group both being contractors of the end customer of the plant. Quite common is also the case that BRAUN‘s abrasive cut-off machines are retrofitted into already existing rolling mills - a proven way to upgrade older mills.