Brembo Introduces New Brake Caliper, New Brake Pads and Brembo Stile at Frankfurt IAA International Motor Show

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Brembo, the world leader in braking technology, is exhibiting at the Frankfurt IAA International Motor Show. The Italian brake company will feature an all-new brake caliper designed for high-performance vehicles along with a new approach to brake pad manufacturing. In addition, it will feature its approach to bringing style to the function of braking with Brembo Stile. 

Dyadema™, A Technological Gem
Brembo presents a completely new product at IAA, Dyadema™, the exclusive new brake caliper for the highest-performing supercars. 

Dyadema™ is the most advanced caliper that Brembo has ever put into production for road cars: an innovation that has all the technical features and design of a product destined to outperform the rest, bringing a range of unique advantages to the next generation of supercars.

Dyadema™ is a monobloc 6-piston aluminum caliper with innovative air cooling technology, incorporated during the casting process. The caliper integrates a pioneering cooling duct that increases the airflow around the brake pads. Thanks to this forced ventilation, the caliper operates at lower temperatures and therefore delivers better, more consistent performance. 

The increase in airflow reduces the brake fluid temperature up to 15 percent compared with a standard caliper, allowing the system to maintain maximum braking efficiency. 

Dyadema™ offers the best cooling capacity of any brake caliper ever produced by Brembo, delivering a consequent increase in performance and a reduction in braking distance.

The product's unique airflow feature is a natural outcome of Brembo's research for maximum performance and is an outstanding example of cooperation between supplier and car manufacturer to obtain an innovative product that is integrated into the vehicle's design.

In developing the new Dyadema™ caliper, Brembo has underlined its DNA as an experimenter and researcher of braking solutions that continue to raise the already high standards of the company's products. 

The caliper is a combination of innovation and performance, fun and technology, with design details that echo the high performance caliper styling for which Brembo is already renowned.  

Brembo's New Brake Pads, A New Manufacturing Process
Brembo is a leader in manufacturing braking systems for car manufacturers worldwide. The company has developed advanced technical knowledge in the field of brake pads that has achieved a superior quality product. 

Its knowhow has enabled Brembo to research a new type of pad, arising from optimizing the steps of the manufacturing process. 

Under the new method, the friction and composite materials are co-molded, producing a complete brake pad in a single step. New machines and tooling have been developed for this purpose, which will lead to a completely automated process that reduces the product's manufacturing time.

Brembo's new pads are the result of cutting-edge design, followed by demanding bench tests as well as severe on-road tests, assuring their durability and performance.

As a result the new pad can deliver a weight reduction of up to 60 percent. At the same time it completely eliminates corrosion in the caliper housing and reduces thermal conductivity. This ensures the highest safety while parking and during emergency braking, under all road conditions.

Brembo STILE, Beyond Function 
Technology and innovation, braking excellence and at the same time style. These are the elements that characterize all Brembo braking systems. At Brembo - a company that has been the market leader for over 50 years - the design focus evolves alongside technological innovation. Each brake component must be functional, but at the same time, include a design element that makes the car it equips unique.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show Brembo is underlining its attention to aesthetic detail by launching Brembo Stile. Stile represents the company's internal reference point which will coordinate its product activities to make them even more unique, with a clear identity that is therefore distinctive. Brembo Stile is a special unit where an aesthetic approach and methods can be shared, and where new and creative activities can be proposed. The initiative combines Brembo's DNA for technological innovation with the design and style of new aesthetic languages, further developing the brand's identity.

For the occasion of the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Brembo has created a new exhibit design that offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a unique experience, composed of images, sounds and colors that depict the world of Racing, Performance, Technology and Style. 

An engaging, exciting video presentation intices the viewer to feel the same passion that drives Brembo in its continuous evolution and stylistic research. Various forms of expression are used to demonstrate this journey and convey the different spirits that Brembo, in its complexity, contains. As part of this, beams of light and digital images chase each other around to represent both minimalist and bold aspects of product design, all set to a strong and engaging musical backdrop.

The video installation which marks the launch of Brembo Stile also features a series of key words that, together with the images, communicate the various activities and direction of Brembo's new projects to visitors in an innovative way. These activities include market and product design research, understanding customer needs, a focus on innovation, product positioning, and the identification of codes and standards to be used. 

Brembo Stile projects for any new product are highly complex. The video therefore presents the shapes, lines and colors of recent product examples, not only to convey Brembo's outstanding capacity for innovation, but also to showcase its style-setting direction.

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