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Brussels - New Volkswagen Golf lightens up with high- and ultra high-strength steel

WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association, is saluting the news that Volkswagen’s new Golf uses an increased amount of advanced steel grades to aid in its safety-conscious lightweighting efforts. The seventh-generation Golf is up to 220 pounds lighter than its predecessor and offers more features, better safety and improved performance. According to Volkswagen, advanced steels play an active role in this successful weight reduction.

Breaking the trend of being heavier than the outgoing version, the new Golf’s lighter weight is the result of calculated weight savings throughout the vehicle, including its electrical architecture, engine and the body-in-white. According to Volkswagen, the vehicle’s body-in-white is 51 pounds lighter then the sixth-generation Golf, due in part to the automaker’s extensive use of high- and ultra high-strength steels.

“Volkswagen’s use of advanced steel technologies is a great example of how this transformational material can help automakers drive into the future of vehicle lightweighting and safety,” Cees ten Broek, Director, WorldAutoSteel, said. “We applaud Volkswagen on this remarkable achievement and consider the seventh-generation Golf a testament to steel’s successful lightweighting and safety capabilities.”

According to a company announcement, the share of overall high-strength steel has gone from 66 % in the sixth-generation vehicle to 80 % in the new one. Of this, the share of ultra high-strength steel has gone from six to 28 %. The Golf’s lighter weight will improve its fuel economy, while also lowering the vehicle’s carbon footprint.

According to Volkswagen, the Golf is the hatchback of choice – with its global sales exceeding 29 million – for buyers demanding German engineering coupled with benchmark levels of quality, safety, style and refinement. The seventh-generation Golf is slated to make its public debut at the Paris Motor Show in late September.

“Given steel’s unique combination of strength and ductility, WorldAutoSteel is confident that it’s the best material solution to help automakers achieve their evolving strength, recyclability, fuel economy and emissions, and safety requirements,” ten Broek said. “WorldAutoSteel is a committed partner to the automotive industry and will continue dedicating its resources to continue to make steel the material of choice to meet the industry’s evolving needs.”

Source: worldsteel, Brussels

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