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Calderys accelerates remote technical support solution for its foundry customers

CALDE® Smart Lens in action

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We exist in an increasingly interconnected world. In everyday life, our home appliances, media and security systems, vehicles and even what we wear can be linked into the growing Internet of Things and controlled via our smartphones. Meanwhile, during Covid-19, many of our personal and professional relationships relied on the ability to communicate remotely with family, friends, colleagues and customers.

This ability to bring together people in far-flung regions of the world has now been adapted to the foundry industry by Calderys, as part of its commitment to solving customer pain points. The CALDE® Smart Lens solution, now launching globally, combines smart glasses with augmented reality and wireless connectivity to provide accessible, on-demand technical support by remotely linking customer sites to the Calderys global network of technical experts. Getting an expert’ support in any situation Although the advantages of remote support became widely evident during the pandemic, development of the CALDE® Smart Lens actually began earlier, by the Calderys team in India.

With customers located in remote areas, getting the correct technical support to where it was needed in a timely manner was a significant challenge. Covid-19 made that challenge a global one, as travel was shut down and technical advisors could no longer visit customer sites.

It was out of this pain point that CALDE® Smart Lens was developed. Cihan Aktolga, Foundry Sales Director Turkey at Calderys, who has trialled the technology on visits to his foundry customers, explains: “We sometimes need the presence of a specialist at the customer site, but there are times when they cannot travel.

With CALDE® Smart Lens, the wearer at the customer site can be connected to a subject-matter expert, who can offer guidance and advice on how to do things – for example, on correct installation techniques, without needing to be physically present.”

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