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Turkey continues to be an important market for foundry equipment and a gateway between Europe and the Middle East, despite lower overall economic growth and lost domestic market momentum.

European foundry equipment suppliers still hold a considerable share of the respective Turkish imports. Nevertheless, more and more competitors are tackling the market.

The CEMAFON members therefore will demonstrate innovation-based competencies by concentrating on their portfolio of enabling technologies and tailor-made solutions for their customers as regards quality, productivity, efficiency and safety. “For instance in the fields of the greening and the safety of production, Turkish customers can largely benefit from the strengths of CEMAFON suppliers and increase the sustainability of their investments. European foundry equipment suppliers know from experience that ramping up exports requires a strong technological basis,” commented Dr Timo Würz, General Secretary of CEMAFON.

CEMAFON members are looking forward to Ankiros/Annofer/Turkcast providing a platform for member companies to present themselves as reliable and competent partners of their regional customers.

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