CN - Baosteel automation application project awarded the second price of Phoenix

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Recently, it's received from the committee of Phoenix Automation Application Competition in Germany, the project researched by a group which consist of three advanced technical person which is Mr Wang Hui, employee of Environment Department of Baosteel Energy, Mr Qin Tong employee of Iron make factory and Mr Zhou Yao employee of coll rolled mill and led by Mr Li Yimin a teacher of Human Resource Development Central, The project of wireless trolley for measuring the conveyor condition is awarded the second price Factory Group of Germany 2012 Xplore Automation Competition and this is the best price we've got in this competition.

The competition is supported by Germany United Economy and Technique Department and the Foreign Ministry and attended by United Professional Certification Institute, Germany Electro Industry Institution, Germany Munich University, Germany Phoenix Electric Group and Microsoft Germany. There is 80 projects for 25 variety country take part in the competition and finally 29 project enter the global final competition for winning the first price in five different section which is Education Recreation, Building, Environment and Factory.

The wireless conveyor condition measure trolley is researched and developed by employee of Baosteel and applied the technique of Phoenix Automation Company, combine with video,audio treatment ,ultrasonic and infrared senor and fire senor, to make it possible to use trolley instead of worker to reach the place where is very difficult to get there for inspection, monitoring and measurement which is very dangerous. Although the trolley is just a proof machine, it is technique intensity and show us the future technique development trend.

Source - Baosteel