CN- Eco die casting Co.,Ltd Now Offers Fast Troubleshooting for Common Defects of Die Casting

Reading time: min, or Eco die casting Co.,Ltd, professional custom metal die casting manufacturer in China, now offers easy troubleshooting solutions for common defects of die casting.

Eco Die Casting Co.,Ltd, a leading custom metal die casting manufacturer in China, now offers troubleshooting solutions for the most common defects of die casting, such as pin hole porosity and cracked casting. The owners said that engineers must have complete knowledge of common die casting defects in order to reduce production downtime. However, the company owners added that they can provide complete troubleshooting solutions for all sorts of manufacturing defects. The die casting manufacturing procedure, as the owners explained, involves a number of steps, including pattern making, melting, molding, shaking out, fettling, inspection and lastly, finishing.

One of the owners of Eco Die Casting Co.,Ltd aid that the whole manufacturing process is a complex one and they offer troubleshooting at every stage of manufacturing. At present, the company has twelve sets of zinc die-casting machines, 25 sets of aluminum metal casting machines, 12 CNC machines, 8 EDM machines, 4 wire-cutting machines. However, the co-owner said that they will invest more in die-casting machines in the near future to provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients. The company is committed to providing high-quality products at competitive rates and also to control the quality of the products through systematic dimensional, assembly, and cosmetic inspection.

“The regular inspection makes sure that all the products are perfectly manufactured. Besides, we also offer our products at 30% lower cost than most of the manufacturers in Europe and North America and at least 15-20% lower cost than most Chinese die casting companies as well. We believe that the introduction of the fast troubleshooting services would help business owners gain significant cost advantages and it will help them in reducing downtime as well”, said one of the owners of Eco Die Casting Co.,Ltd.

He also said that the detailed descriptions of the defects of die casting are furnished on their business website so that interested ones can educate themselves. He added that anybody who wishes to get further information on the common defects and receive technical assistance can just call their support team or email them to receive whitepapers and other materials.