CN - Energy saving Technology Seminar held in Baosteel

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China steel enterprise energy-saving technology seminar was held on March 15th and March 16th and the relevant experts and scholars coming from the iron and steel enterprises such as Baosteel, Ansteel, Wisco, Jinan steel and the institutions of higher learning were getting together to exchange, research and discuss the application and practice of the energy-saving technology in the iron and steel enterprise. Zhao Kun, the deputy general manager of the group corporation attended the meeting and also made the welcome speech.

Mr Zhao Kun said in the speech that "During the eleventh five-year plan, Baosteel and the brothers of iron and steel enterprise have acquired the new achievements and experience in the energy saving and emission reduction technology, equipment, technics and management, making a contribution to the cause of the energy saving and emission reduction of the country and the local regions. He hoped that through the energy saving technology seminar, iron and steel enterprises could show to each other and exchange the new technology of the energy saving and emission reduction, new technics and new equipment, summarize the advanced experience in the energy saving and emission reduction and management, and discuss the energy saving and emission reduction countermeasures, effectively promoting the energy saving and emission reduction of China iron and steel industry.

At the seminar, Baosteel made the exchanges on the design and implementation of the energy management system of "three flow one state contract energy management and energy saving industry and model and product technology in the energy management system etc. Jingtang Steel, Wisco, Ma Steel, Tisco, Jinan Steel, HBIS, Ansteel and Aysteel etc introduced respectively the energy-saving project case. The delegates attending the meeting held a further discussion on the advance mode of the contract energy management, problems and countermeasures, how to ensure the capital investment of the energy-saving project as the iron and steel enterprises are entering the era of the meager profit, the relationship between the improving effect of the energy using equipment and the repair cost control, how to resolve the contradiction between the investment control of the newly built and reconstruction project and the selection of the energy-saving equipment.

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