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COINDIA sets up Rs 60 crore Industrial Infrastructure complex

Coimbatore: Shri E.V.K.S. Elangovan, Minister of State for Textiles and Shri Pongalur N. Palanisamy, Minister of Rural Industries dedicated the services of COINDIA to the engineering and foundry industry at an Inaugural function which was organized on Saturday the 5th 4.00 p.m. at COINDIA Complex, Avarampalaym Road, Coimbatore.

Speaking at the inauguration, Palanisamy urged the industries to set apart separate funds for research and development.
COINDIA, a Rs.60 Crores cluster project has created infrastructural facilities required for the Pump, Motor and Foundry industry of this region. 

This project will provide cutting edge technology to member industries will also create job opportunities.  Moreover, it will create an awareness about the competitive skills and strive to boost domestic and export sales of high quality Motors, Pumps, in new areas, other than water lifting viz., Industrial Pumps Pressure Pumps, Chemical handling Pumps, Ferrous and Non-ferrous Castings.

Shri P. Selvam, I.A.S, Industries Secretary, Shri Rajeev Ranjan, IAS., Director and Commissioner of Industries and commerce Government of Tamil Nadu, Shri K. Subbarayan, Member of Parliament, Coimbatore, Shri R. Venkatachalam, Mayor of Coimbatore and other dignitaries attended the function. 

The project is funded with Rs 60.00 Crores of which Rs 39.39 Crores through a Grant by Government of India, Rs 1.21 Crores through a Grant by Government of Tamil Nadu, Rs 19.40 Crores contribution by COINDIA and Coimbatore Industries/ Industrial Associations. The share of COINDIA has been generously contributed by the Industrial houses, Industrial Associations and Entrepreneurs of Coimbatore region. This is the first time in Coimbatore’s history that such a huge amount is being contributed by Tiny, Small and Large scale industries for this project.

With this project employment opportunity has been created for 30,000 people. An increase in domestic sales per annum of Rs.900 crores is expected along with an increase in export per annum of Rs.600 crores. Around 200 foundry units will be re-located outside city limits. 180 acres of land will get infrastructure facilities.

COINDIA will implement the following facilities for the benefit of motor, pump and foundry industries of this region:

1. A Product Die & Mould Centre (PDMC) – a concrete structure  with all utilities that houses the latest machineries, equipments, technology  including Rapid Prototyping machine at a total cost of Rs.29  crores.

2. Foundry Complex – I

COINDIA has created basic infrastructure such as road, office premises, meeting hall, weigh bridge, over head water tank and canteen for the benefit of more than 110 small foundry units at a cost of Rs. 4.5 crores at Arasur.

3. Foundry Complex – II

COINDIA has created basic infrastructure such as road, office premises, meeting hall, weigh bridge, and canteen for the benefit of more than 36 small foundry units at a cost of Rs. 1.50 crores at Kallapalayam.

4.  Foundry Complex – III

COINDIA has created basic infrastructure such as road, office premises, meeting hall, weigh bridge, over head water tank and canteen for the benefit of more than 54 small foundry units at a cost of Rs. 2.5 crores at Manickampalayam.

5. Business Centre

COINDIA has created a business centre by renovating the existing meeting hall on the 2nd floor of SIEMA building and has installed the latest Video Conferencing equipments and constructed a modern library hall at its Registered Office at Race Course. Total Project cost Rs. 2.0 Crores.

6. Si’Tarc – Small Industries Testing And Research Centre

COINDIA has purchased and installed latest machineries and equipments at Si’Tarc, Avarampalayam and Kurichi for testing of Motors, Pumps and other Engineering products at a cost of Rs.5.5 crores.

7. Common Modern Tool Room

A Common Modern Tool Room (CMTR) will be set-up for the benefit of its members at Electrical & Electronic Industrial Estate belonging to Government of Tamil Nadu on an area of 50 cents of land and estimated cost is 15 Crores.  In the above CMTR Project the state of the art high end machineries already purchased for Rs. 11 Crores and only building to be constructed.

By implementing the above facilities, tiny and small scale industries will get access to the latest technology without investing any extra amount and utilize the facilities at a nominal cost. 

"COINDIA is proud to announce that this is the biggest investment by Government of India in Coimbatore after Independence. "

The grant of Government of India has been released under the Industrial Infrastructure Up-gradation Scheme (IIUS).  The administration and activities of COINDIA are implemented under the supervision of the Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu.   The Government of Tamil Nadu has given a grant apart from a land measuring about 50 cents.
Beneficiaries of COINDIA:

Our Country’s major requirement of water lifting pumpsets are being produced in Coimbatore region.  Foundries are the supporting industry for the production of Motors and Pumps.  This foundry industry has grown well and is reputed for its quality and reliability through out India.  Both the Motor Pump and Foundry industry are doing business of around Rs.3200 crores per annum and providing employment to around 1,00,000 people.

While both the sectors have grown to a large extent, the industry as such is facing stagnancy in growth due to foreign competition and lack of current technology. There is no opportunity for many companies to access the latest technology as most of them are in tiny and small scale sector. 

These companies are not in a position to invest in developing new designs, technology up-gradation, skill development for workers and infrastructure to sell their products in International markets.  Moreover, the foundry industry is forced to shift their units to outside city limits to protect the environment of the city.  COINDIA has been established to overcome these challenges faced by the motor, pump and foundry industry.


Bench marking of performances Vis-à-vis leading International brands of Pumps & Motors.  

1. COINDIA had imported pumps and motors intended for other than water lifting, viz., process pumps sewage pumps, sump pumps, circulation pumps etc., in the first phase, we have procured nearly 40 samples and the same is being exhibited in the COINDIA Expo.

2. Further,  a photo exhibition briefing the various activities of COINDIA and SIEMA & other Associations and a familiarisation visit ( enabling visitors to see) of COINDIA Modern Tool Room and Si’Tarc, testing facilities is also being planned.    


Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association (COINDIA), a service oriented organization, founded by the Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association (SIEMA) with the support of tiny, small, medium and large scale Coimbatore industries and with the joint efforts of COSMAFAN, COFIOA, Si’Tarc, IIF, Coimbatore Chapter, and Siruthuli of this region to provide infrastructural facilities to pump, motor and foundry industries.

COINDIA was primarily promoted by the Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association (SIEMA) and the following organizations are the joint promoters of the project:

1. Institute of Indian Foundrymen (Coimbatore Chapter)
2. Coimbatore Tiny and Small Foundrymen Association (COSMAFAN)
3. Coimbatore Foundry Industry Owners’ Association (COFIOA)
4. Small Industries’ Testing And Research Centre (Si’Tarc)

COINDIA is registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975.  The activities of COINDIA are being governed by the elected members of COINDIA and industrial experts as directed by IIUS, Government of India.

Activities of COINDIA:

1. To create infrastructural development in 180 acres at three foundry complexes to facilitate shifting of around 200 foundries.
2. To establish a technology centre for Sand Mould Rapid Prototyping for 5 different metal parts to help the Small and Medium Enterprises to reduce their product development time especially for foundry industries. With this facility a sand mould can be developed with in 24 hours from CAD details.
3. To establish two Common Modern Tool Room (CMTR) in two locations for the benefit of Pump, Motor, Foundry and General engineering industries.
4. To establish a training centre for up-gradation of the technical know how and training of the workers, students and engineers.
5. To install new machineries, equipments and construction of buildings for testing the end products manufactured by member industries at Si’Tarc and to support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to get International Certifications.
6. To facilitate technology transfer and marketing of the products and to provide information about international Standards.

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