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Cold Jet’s pneumatic Aero C100

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Cold Jet’s pneumatic Aero C100 takes dry ice blast cleaning to an entirely new level

Provides superior cleaning, twice as fast, without the need for electricity.

For the first time, the new Cold Jet Aero C100 combines the most powerful dry ice cleaning available with the mobility and flexibility of an all-pneumatic system that can be used virtually anywhere – without the need for electricity. Friendly to the user and the environment, the new Aero C100 uses recycled CO2 as a cleaning medium. 
The new Aero C100 eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and secondary waste while leaving only a clean (and green) that often cannot be achieved with traditional cleaning methods. Cold Jet utilizes advanced technology to ensure that the Aero C100 provides superior cleaning and is twice as fast as many other blast systems available. That means half the time and labor for increased productivity and real profit to the bottom line.

Benefits of the Cold Jet Aero C100 include:

  • The Cold Jet “Aero Tech Nozzle System” employs technology used by NASA that provides a pulse-free cleaning stream for uniformity on every pass.  Nozzles can be removed quickly and easily via the proprietary connecting system.  Applicators are ergonomically designed to decrease user fatigue.
  • An aerodynamically designed hose system allows users to double the acceptable hose length from previous pneumatics (up to 100 feet/ 30 m total) and still maintain pellet integrity as it impacts the surface being cleaned.
  • Cold Jet’s patented “SureFlow System” design prevents dry ice pellets from clogging (a common problem with other systems), which results in substantially less downtime.  The sealed lid, isolated hopper and Super Multilayer Insulation (MLI) Blankets around the hopper contribute to reducing sublimation and maintaining “fresh ice” for hours.
  • Finally, with a welded steel frame for outstanding durability, a seal lubrication system that prevents oil spills (even when on its side), and extreme maneuverability due to small footprint, all-terrain wheels and a 0o turn radius make this the best pneumatic dry ice blast system available.

In the Foundry industry Cold Jet Dry Ice blasting has several proven applications like permanent molds, aluminum, core boxes, die cast tooling, grey iron permanent mold, etc.

With the Aero C100, Cold Jet can solve the major problem faced by foundries, the decline in quality that occurs during subsequent rounds as the insulating coating degrades with age, wear, and overcoating. Manual touchups are no solution as they are ineffective, often dangerous to perform and can harm your molds.

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Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting removes release agents easily without leaving secondary waste, there is no need to wait for molds to cool-down and be dismantled in order to clean.

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