Comprehensive service for used and new foundry plants

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The TCT Tesic Company is a leading global dealer and service provider of used foundry equipment.

The companies’ activities are divided in Foundry Marketing, Foundry Services and Foundry Relocation.

Foundry Marketing has its focus on buying, selling and mediating used foundry equipment on behalf of the company or customers.

Foundry Services is for repairing, modernizing and overhauling of used foundry equipment.
Inspection, assessment and consultation are also a part of the service.

Foundry Relocation includes dismantling and assembling of foundry equipment as well as project planning, organization and execution.

Additionally to the services is also the possibility of storage capacities for warehousing and transshipment of machines.

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Company Info

TCT Tesic GmbH

Kalthofer Feld 19
58640 Iserlohn

Telephone: +49 (0) 2371-7726-0