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Corporate Relocation-JML-Vicon GmbH

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JML-Vicon successfully moved it´s facility!

About JML-Vicon:
JML-Vicon GmbH is focused to care about projects in the Foundry Industry. We like to work out complex projects, which make it necessary to use different technologies. So we are able to project package units for foundry plants, to work out the complete Engineering, if the customer like, to deliver all machines and parts of the plant to install the machines and to go into production together with you and your new Equipment.

The needed documentation and if you wish the contract ensured maintenance of your new plant guaranties a professional use of your investment and helps your maintenance department.

Of course, we also change old machines, give you maintenance service or repair machines, also from other vibrating machines producers.

Of course an excellent spare part depot, helps you to avoid production problems.

The base for our success is a long experience on our field, deep detail knowledge and the production in our own work shop. An experienced technical office develop 3D-Konstruction of the machines.

To hold this promise, our product-philosophy is based on stability, high performance and long life design without a compromise. A wide network with professional partners and a worldwide active service team, helps to ensure the availability of your equipment.


Please note the new address:
JML-Vicon GmbH
Ober-Ramstädter-Strasse 96
Building F
64367 Mühltal