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Countdown to The Bright World of Metals 2015 has started

Potential exhibitors at the metallurgical trade fair highlight in Düsseldorf in 2015 have been able to register since January: the four successful trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST are being held again in Düsseldorf under the motto “The Bright World of Metals” from 16. to 20. June 2015.

The target group for the 13th International Foundry Trade Fair GIFA 2015 are all the companies around the world that are interested in presenting their operations in the following areas: foundry and melting plants, refractories technology, machines and equipment for moulding and core making, moulding sands and moulding auxiliaries, sand preparation and reclamation, gating and feeding, casting machines, knock-out, fettling, finishing, pattern and die-making, control systems and automation, environmental protection and waste removal as well as information technologies. GIFA has been a major part of the Messe Düsseldorf portfolio since 1956 and set a new record the last time it was held in 2011, with 780 exhibitors from 45 different countries and 48,700 trade visitors (53 per cent of them from countries outside Germany).

METEC, the 9th International Metallurgical Trade Fair, reported another increase in exhibitors in 2011. A total of 486 companies from 33 countries presented their know-how about the growing metallurgical sector and demonstrated that they are actively involved in making sure that operations are both efficient and environmentally sound in future thanks to their product developments. METEC has been one of the four trade fairs since 1979 and focusses on equipment for iron, steel and non-ferrous metal production, for casting and forming steel, for environmental protection, waste removal and gas purification, for electrical engineering and process technology, for measurement and test technology, for information technology, for metallurgical plants, rolling mills and steel mills. In 2011, more than 19,000 trade visitors came to METEC to obtain information, with half of them travelling from European countries outside Germany or from overseas.

THERMPROCESS has a long tradition too: the international trade fair has been the place to find innovative thermo process technology since 1974. Presentation of the latest trends for solutions relating to the production and operation of industrial furnaces and heat treatment plants enables visitors to obtain information that keeps them up-to-date with industry developments. The range includes industrial furnaces, industrial heat treatment plants and thermal processes, equipment for special uses, components, equipment and other supplies, occupational safety and ergonomics. Both exhibitors and visitors gave THERMPROCESS 2011 top marks: 96 per cent of them said that their involvement in the trade fair had been a complete success, for example. All in all, 305 companies from 30 different countries presented their products and services to 7,900 visitors, 45 per cent of which came from outside Germany.

The newest addition to The Bright World of Metals is NEWCAST, which has been the fourth member of the quartet since 2003. It is the most important trade fair in the world for precision castings, is the highlight of its industry every four years and has recorded excellent growth rates. The sectors covered by the castings range from car manufacturing and the aerospace industry to machine and plant manufacturing and medical engineering. In 2011, 374 companies from 30 different countries exhibited their products and services at the 3rd NEWCAST. More than 3,500 trade visitors over 50 per cent of them from outside Germany were impressed by the large selection of exhibits: ferrous metal castings iron, steel and malleable foundries, non-ferrous metal castings aluminium, zinc, copper, magnesium, nickel and other non-ferrous metal foundries, services, forging, sinters, trade and logistics. They gave NEWCAST excellent marks, with 95 per cent of them saying that their trade fair visit had been extremely positive.

The start of the countdown to The Bright World of Metals with the initiation of the registration process marks the beginning of the intensive preparatory phase for the trade fair staff in the exhibitor department, because the registration process officially ends as early as 30. April 2014. This means that companies should decide in the very near future whether they want to exhibit at the leading trade fairs for the metallurgical industries. Online registration is possible via the trade fair portals not only for companies that have already participated in the trade fairs in the past but also for potential new participants. The links are as follows:,, (German version), while the English version ends with /2330 after the name of the trade fair.

Personal contact has very high priority at Messe Düsseldorf even in our virtual age, however. The Senior Project Managers Hannes Niemann (+49 211/4560-515) and Janike Rotthoff (extension number -478) for GIFA, Markus Liedtke (-447) for METEC, Gerrit Nawracala (-568) for THERMPROCESS and Janike Rotthoff and Junior Project Manager Katrin Kuhlmann (-7271) for NEWCAST are therefore available for consultation by companies and are contacting many of the exhibitors personally in the runup to the trade fairs too.

Once companies have taken a decision to participate in the trade fairs, the Messe Düsseldorf websites provide plenty of useful information that makes it easier for newcomers to the trade fairs to plan properly too: the information included in the “service compass”, with which important dates are planned when exhibitors register for the trade fairs, ranges from advertising / stand design and the public relations concept to organisation of the necessary transport services and logistics on-site in Düsseldorf. Such individual tools as, for example, the inclusion of banners or logos on the trade fair websites or use of the trade press list, which contains information about the relevant global media that should be supplied with information about companies’ trade fair presence and new developments before the event begins, are direct marketing instruments from which the exhibitors benefit too. The marketing experts Jürgen Walbrecht and Nadine Mann (advertising, -422/-139), Peter Holländer (Internet portals, -7661), Tania Vellen and Brigitte Küppers (press, -518/-929) at Messe Düsseldorf are also available to provide further information about advertising and public relations activities in personal discussions.

Both simple, standardised options, that can be ordered via the stand configurator on the website, and sophisticated individual design solutions can also be supplied to help companies in their specific trade fair stand planning. It goes without saying that one of our staff is behind the design service too, who can meet with exhibitors to advise them what stand structure would be most appropriate for their needs: Enno Block (-340), Messe Düsseldorf’s head designer, is the expert to contact to discuss any questions about optimum stand design.

The GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST project management team is, finally, the overall co-ordinator of The Bright World of Metals. Friedrich-Georg Kehrer is the Project Director who is responsible for overall planning of the four trade fairs and he like many of the companies in the industry is looking forward to the trade fair highlight in 2015: “The closer our Bright World of Metals is coming, the more excited our exhibitors are. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that this technology trade fair event is a global highlight. At our international presentations and press conferences, we are receiving a great deal of positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors, who make no secret of how much they are looking forward to the four trade fairs in Düsseldorf in June 2015.” Together with his assistant Brigitte Konopka, Kehrer is also responsible for the contacts to the steering committees of the four events. “The members of these committees come from the highest levels of management, because not only the directors of all the major industry associations but also senior representatives of the industries that are exhibiting are actively involved.”

The Presidents of The Bright World of Metals 2015 are Erwin Flender, President of GIFA/NEWCAST 2015 and managing partner of MAGMA Gießereitechnologie, Dieter Rosenthal, President of METEC 2015 and member of the Management Board of SMS Siemag AG, and Dr Hermann Stumpp, President of THERMPROCESS 2015.

Online registration for the four trade fairs is possible via the following links:

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