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CREAFORM - 3D measurement solutions...

...for the foundry and metal working industries

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Creaform, a leading manufacturer of optical 3D measurement solutions and provider of 3D engineering services, presents at the international foundry trade fair GIFA different 3D measurement solutions that are frequently used in the foundry and metal working industries.

The portable CMM HandyPROBE is especially suitable for 3D inspections, and features the TRUaccuracy technology for highly precise measurements, so that it can be used in environments or to measure parts that are submitted to instability, vibrations and thermal variations. The HandyPROBE works with the C-Track dual-camera sensor, which measurement volume can be extended depending on the size of the component to be measured. The C-track and the part can be moved during the measurement process without loss of precision or tracking. These features make the HandyPROBE the ideal measuring system for use in the casting industry, which is often subjected to high temperatures and machinery vibrations and where parts of different sizes have to be measured.

For non-contact measurements, Creaform offers the Handyscan 3D self-positioning handheld 3D laser scanning system that allows accurate scanning of small and large parts. The 3D scanner MetraSCAN in combination with the HandyPROBE is designed for non-contact and contact measurements.

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