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Cumbre Industrial y Tecnológica



The Cumbre Industrial y Tecnológica [“Industry and Technology Summit”] is moving into gear, and the organisers are working with a clear goal in mind: to provide a high value-added forum for energising business on 27-30 September 2011. To that end the design of the forthcoming event is marked by ideas such as the “guest of honour country”, an innovation area, seminars on diversification and online tools with applications for arranging meetings, among other things.

This year's campaign is completed with an attractive pricing policy for the event, which seeks to offer companies a profitable meeting point in a year that is set to be decisive for the development of business operations and strategies.

Finally, the organisers of the Summit have begun to contact contractors and strategic purchasers with a view to reaching co-operation agreements. The following firms have already confirmed their commitment to the event: Aernnova, Daewoo, Danobat, Epsilon Euskadi, Hiriko, Inmotec, Irizar, ITP, La Naval, Michelín, Peddinghaus and Tubos Reunidos.


The 2011 Summit will include a new feature in which one particular country is highlighted. The first such country will be France, which was chosen by the event organisers because of the large volume of business which it generates on the domestic market. French companies will be one of the main groups of exhibitors at the Summit, and there will also be a large delegation of French purchasers and contractors.

The opportunities offered by the French market will be analysed in a number of seminars held as side events to the main exhibition, as part of a special programme that will also include "France Day" and the organising of agendas for all participants.


The global nature of this event means that visitors can contact specialist capital goods manufacturers from many different countries in all areas of interest for their production activities.

This participative ethos will also be encouraged through other types of meeting and through networking. Thus, many months before the event is due to open it is already possible to interact with other firms via the programmes available in the online catalogue, which also publicises innovations. Exhibitors and visitors alike can use it to arrange meetings to suit their interests.

The Summit is divided into three main areas: the Subcontratación subcontracting fair, the Automatización automation fair and Trasmet, which is concerned with machinery and supplies for steelmaking, casting, forging, rolling and surface treatment.


2011 will mark the 30th anniversary of Subcontratación, the only specialist subcontracting fair in Spain. Over all this time, the event has striven to meet the needs of industrial subcontractors and to provide an effective tool through which small and medium-sized enterprises can promote their activities and exchange technical and commercial information.

This ethos is reinforced in this 15th edition of the event with two outstanding features: the "new projects" area and seminars on diversification.

The new products area will offer manufacturers from sectors where subcontracting is less common the chance to present their latest products at the event. Subcontractors can now see at first hand the needs and objectives of manufacturers in the most innovative fields.

In the seminars on diversification, the High Council of Chambers of Commerce will provide subcontractors with specific, key information on how to expand in each subsector using existing resources, and will analyse demand from new, emerging sectors.

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