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Fully automated charging

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Industry 4.0 is not merely a buzzword for CYRUS, but something that is demonstrated in practice with numerous deliveries of modern furnace charging systems. Charging technology that is tailored to meet your furnace has a massive influence on the increase in efficiency of your smelting processes. 

In the spring of 2019, CYRUS got the contract from a Swedish car manufacturer to provide four 14-ton induction furnaces by fully automatic charging machines.

“At GIFA 2019 we are presenting a charging machine control system design to enable fully automated operation. Furthermore is the traceability of charges a familiar concept at CYRUS. Set us your challenge.” said Robert Parnitzke – Head of Sales at CYRUS.

Charging machine with quick-change containers
In May 2019, CYRUS supplied a 5 t. Charging machine for an Austrian foundry customer with 6 swap containers instead of a conventional bunker on the machine. The containers are charged in scrap area and transported to the machine by forklift trucks. The locking of the vibrating containers is done by pressurized grippers. During furnace charging, the next containers are already in the waiting position. The tap-to-tap times are hereby shortened to an optimum for the induction furnace efficiency

Do you want to increase your system availability? Then you should talk to CYRUS. Reduce your down-time. Operational availability is essential for your company success. The CYRUS Service has expanded its proven service portfolio to include analysis methods (hardware and software) for operating states and forecasts of emerging problems in your machines and systems. At its trade fair booth, CYRUS will present its latest developments based on a special vibrating feeder equipped with electronic gears.

There is only one place to be from 25th to 29th June 2019: in Düsseldorf, where the foundry industry gathers to present itself as a high-tech industrial sector at the GIFA event – which offers an ideal platform for dialogue and presentation.

With a track record of 40 years in the industry, CYRUS – a company of the Schulte Strathaus Group – has always understood the unique requirements of this industry and has demonstrated this time and again. CYRUS' customer-focused exchange of ideas has played a key role in its successful project delivery. With a dedicated and experienced team, CYRUS solves even the most demanding vibration technology challenges.

You are very welcome to visit CYRUS at trade fair booth D18 in Hall 17 and hear targeted presentations on interesting topics delivered in person by company experts. 

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