Zimbabwe Institute of Foundrymen appoints Dosman Mangisi as new COO

Metal Casting is a key sector in Zimbabwe

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As Business Reporter announced, Mr. Dosman Mangisi is the new COO in the Zimbabwe Institute of Foundries.

Coming from the background of small to medium-scale mining, where he has been spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) for seven years, Mangisi had

previously served as the national executive committee member of the ZIF board responsible for marketing and communications.

His passion for developing the potential of small-scale miners has over the years endeared him with the metal foundry industry in his country.

Anyway he will assume the reins in the most challenging sector, which deals with the metal industries, because he knows that value addition and beneficiation of metals is critical to

the turnaround of any economy in the world.

“We are learning from China, USA, Germany, South Africa and other emerging economies on how they are hedging their strength from metal casting” he mentioned.

For Zimbabwe he seems to be optimistic, because the country has got a huge potential if it fully develops the metal industry value chain.

He said companies such as the now-defunct Zisco, ZimAlloys, Zimasco and Zimcast should be capacitated to drive massive growth in line with the Government`s vision 2030

and attainment of the US$ 12 billion mining milestone by 2023.

Metal casting is a key sector in Zimbabwe – credited for supplying significant percentage to mining, agriculture, construction and other sectors.

The total production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals hovers an average around 10.000 tons p.a.

About ZIF: The ZIF is headed by Mr. Itai Zaba as the president of the organization, deputized by Mr. Gary Green and Mr. Vimbai Matarirano.

Source: Business Reporter/Chronicle