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DGH Sand Casting wins NEWCAST Award 2019

DGH Sand Casting – E-housing with optimal function integration, possible with sandcasting

Casting with best function integration
Water-cooled e-motor housing

- Corrosion-resistant housing G-AlSi7Mg0,3 AC 42100 alloy
- Highest function integration through use of cores which allow almost unlimited freedom of design
- Best cooling throuth coarse surface of water jacket
- Minimum constructed space through this walls

Initial situation at customer:
- High power density in munimum constructed space
- Best heat stability during the start-up
- Integration of oil cooling with temperature control
- Low development budget
- Short time line for development
- Flexibility for possible concept adjustments with low modification costs

Casting solution DGH Sand Casting:
- Minimal wall thickness to reach minimum weight
- Positioning of sand cores for optimal cooling through water jacket
- Casting simulations to realise controlled solidification
- Material selected with best corrosion resistance
- Filling simulation for core boxes
- Special core sand to minimize core movement

The best function integration:
- Water and oil cooling in one housing integrated
- Minimum constructed space through high freedom of desing in sandcasting
- Facilitation for machining of stator room through cylindrical cores
- Good mechanical characteristics parallel to good corrosion resistance
- Lower toolings costs in comparison to permanent mold casting
- Short development time due to short tooling leadtimes

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