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Die Casting Expo - Queretaro, Mexico

2 linked industries, 2 thematic exhibitions, in the same place (QCC), will be allied with ELECTRIC ENERGX EXPO, one of the most important expos in Mexico for the Die Casting industry.

Die Casting Industry Exhibition (Die Casting Expo 2018) will be one of the most relevant events of the die casting industry in the Mexican region of “The Bajío”. This recently established exhibition, DIE CASTING, was  devised in order to bring Mexico to the front-line of technology, global tendencies and achievements of the global industry, so as to be able to develop a clear perspective of this industry's future.

DIE CASTING EXPO has integrated local and worldwide resources in order to promote them at the exhibition. This way, DIE CASTING EXPO supports Mexican enterprises in the fields of new materials development, environmental friendly equipment and technology. DIE CASTING EXPO will foster technological research and development by introducing products and services to the interested customers, suited to their requirements to build high-tech platforms for electrical transmission, and promote restructuring and renewal of the companies and their production processes towards industrial modernization. This is the reason for our slogan: “CLEAN PRODUCTION, SUSTAINABLE METALS”.

This will be the first specalised exhibition of the Metal Industry, taking place on Wednesday, April 18th and Thursday, April 19th, 2018 at the Queretaro Centro de Congresos, in the city and state of Queretaro. We anticipate that hundreds of the most representative flagship firms in the metal industry and global firms will participate in the EXPO in order to offer highly competitive products and services of cutting edge technology. In addition to the exhibition, there will take hold a variety of high level industrial forums, guided visits to industrial facilities manufacturing die cast materials for the automotive industry, innovative lectures and technical training sessions on topics such as High Pressure Die Casting, Low Pressure Die casting, Hot Chamber and Cold Chamber Die Casting, Vacuum Die Casting, Squeeze Die Casting, Semi solid Die Casting, Automation, Digital Simulation, 3D Printing, Manufacturing 4.0, Safety Equipment, Heat Treatment, Finishing and Cleaning Metal Casting Process and so much more...

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