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DÖKTAŞ has chosen New Core Shooters from SUMA ROBOTIC

Döktaş continues to increase its production capacity with the following core shooters, gas generators and core sand preparation systems purchased from SUMA ROBOTIC

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150/200 liters horizontal and vertical (Cold Box): Commissioning date April 2021

40/60 liters horizontal and vertical (Cold Box) : Commissioning date June 2021

40/60 liters horizontal and vertical (Cold Box): Commissioning date July 2021

40/60 liters horizontal and vertical (Cold Box): Commissioning date January 2022

100/150 liters horizontal and vertical (Cold Box): Commissioning date July 2022

* SUMA ROBOTIC patented magnetic locking system is used in all core shooters.

DÖKTAŞ, the leader in its sector in Turkey and the 5th largest casting facility in Europe, operates as one of the important suppliers of the automotive, heavy commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery and machinery manufacturing sectors.

Bursa Orhangazi Iron Casting Facilities, which manufacture cast iron and ductile iron and machined parts, has an annual production capacity of 155,000 tons.

SUMA ROBOTIC a Trademark of LMA Global is proud to share with you that they have delivered a total of 5 core shooters at Döktaş in 1.5 years since the beginning of the process. SUMA ROBOTIC completed the production of the core shooters it had produced for DÖKTAŞ, gas generators and the Cold-Box Core Sand Preparation System, which can use 4 sand types and 2 powder additives, and delivered them to DÖKTAŞ. Continuing its investments in 2022 and always choosing the best quality, DÖKTAŞ again chose SUMA ROBOTIC. Within 2022, 3 more Core Sand Preparation Systems and 2 more SUMA Core Shooters were commissioned with Gas Generators too. These commissioned core shooters have  large-scale capacities.

SUMA ROBOTIC has reduced the blowing pressure, which was in the range of 4.5 - 6 bars in the old production process,  to the range of 2-4 bars with the special blowing principle. With this investment, DÖKTAŞ has achieved Cold - Box savings of up to 20% in resin consumption with SUMA Sand Preparation Systems, and has improved the physical properties of core sand to reach the highest core strengths.

In addition, core production times have increased up to 40% faster production levels with SUMA machines.

SUMA ROBOTIC is a trademark of LMA Global.




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