Dr. Flender Holding GmbH acquires Flow Science, Inc.

Dr. Flender Holding GmbH, owner of MAGMA Giessereitechnologie GmbH and SIGMA Engineering GmbH, acquired 100% of the shares of Flow Science, Inc. in December 2021.

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The developer of the FLOW-3D® family of products, Flow Science is a globally recognized and a successful provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions for a wide variety of engineering applications. With its broad range of products and services, Flow Science will continue to operate as an independent company as part of the Dr. Flender Holding group. The mutually agreed acquisition ensures that all the management and staff at Flow Science stay with the company under the leadership of its current CEO, Dr. Amir Isfahani. Flow Science customers will see no changes or disruptions in their products, licensing, or workflows.

“The best fit for our people, our customers, and our technology were at the heart of this agreement. This acquisition not only lets us maintain what we value the most, but also provides an exciting opportunity for us to grow our market share and accelerate our development through continued collaboration within the Flow Science group of global companies, as well as now with MAGMA and SIGMA’s talented teams,” said Dr. Amir Isfahani. “Our customers can expect an expanded product development pipeline as well as the same best-in-class support that we have always strived to deliver.”

Overall, there is a significant potential for synergies between the group of companies, especially in product development but also in marketing and distribution. Continuous and targeted improvements to the existing product portfolio and the development of new product offerings through the expanded team of experts are at the core of the strategy for this acquisition.

“We were always impressed by Flow Science as one of the pioneers in the CFD industry as well as the level of innovation and competition that they have brought to the market for over 40 years. For us, this acquisition strengthens our presence in the market and opens new doors for us in other markets and application areas,” said Dr. Erwin Flender, Owner of Dr. Flender Holding GmbH.

Flow Science, Inc., based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, was founded in 1980 by Dr. C.W. (Tony) Hirt, one of the original developers of the VOF (Volume of Fluid) method. This approach was expanded and perfected in FLOW-3D to the TruVOF® technology, with cutting-edge and groundbreaking improvements in speed and accuracy in the simulation of flow with different liquid and gas interfaces. Today, Flow Science products offer complete multi-physic solutions with diverse modeling capabilities, including fluid-structure interaction, moving objects, and multiphase flows. Flow Science’s products and services enable customers worldwide to solve the toughest CFD problems.

MAGMA Giessereitechnologie GmbH was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Aachen, Germany. MAGMA is a leading global provider of MAGMASOFT® programs for the simulation and virtual optimization of foundry and metallurgical processes. MAGMA products are used for the robust design and optimization of cast components for all applications. Worldwide, customers receive expert support including engineering services and a wide range of training courses, workshops and seminars provided by MAGMAacademy.

SIGMA Engineering GmbH improves and optimizes injection molding processes with its simulation solution SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding for 23 years. These products enable the development and optimization of plastic components and the corresponding tooling by considering the complete process. A large number of process-specific models and 3D simulation technologies are integrated in SIGMASOFT®, which is continuously developed, validated and optimized. In this way, high-performance products and cost-effective, resource-saving productions are achieved from the first part. SIGMA offers similar support to its customers as MAGMA and offers a special solution service.

With the acquisition of Flow Science, Inc., the Dr. Flender Holding group employs a total of 320 people worldwide. Its product portfolio now covers a wide range of applications and industries. This includes metal casting and metallurgical processes, civil and environmental, aerospace, automotive, additive manufacturing, laser welding, micro- and bio-fluidics, plastics, consumer products, electronics and chip making, maritime and energy.