EIRICH at GIFA 2015: Cost-effective molding sand preparation for small, medium-size and large foundries

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EIRICH is a specialist supplier of machinery and equipment used in the preparation of clay-bound molding sand. Outstanding, reproducible sand quality, tailored solutions and high efficiency are good reasons why more than 1,500 EIRICH sand preparation systems worldwide have been integrated into casting lines from all major manufacturers. Technical solutions on display at GIFA 2015 reveal new opportunities to optimize quality and cost-efficiency on new construction, retrofit and modernization projects at iron and non-ferrous metals foundries.

Return sand cooling and preparation under vacuum – the EVACTHERM® process

For many years, eco-friendly technology developed by EIRICH has been the best option available to foundries that are looking for top quality molding sand at an affordable cost. The mixing, cooling and bentonite activation steps all take place in a single machine. Preparation under vacuum prevents ambient climatic conditions from having any effect on the molding sand. The sand has uniform quality and the temperature of the prepared sand remains constant. This technology is now used around the world. More than 60 “vacuum mixers” have been installed. Depending on size, the systems have a throughput rate of 6 - 300 m³ / hour. The mixing, cooling and activation process takes 70 seconds. The residual moisture of the return sand is less than 0.5% and the sand is cooled under precision control to 40°C. Besides the best possible bentonite activation without prior ageing, there are other advantages as well. Consumption of bentonite and auxiliary materials can be reduced. Elimination of the sand cooler and other subsystems cuts dust extraction air volumes nearly in half. Fines remain in the molding sand and do not have to be captured and disposed of as filter dust at considerable expense. Entrained fines are deposited in a condenser and the condensate is cycled back to the preparation process via the water scale.

Modular tower system design with integrated façade

The entire sand preparation system is factory mounted on individual platforms. Modular design significantly reduces installation and commissioning time. The advantages are immense, particularly on modernization of existing sand preparation systems including projects that are carried out while normal operations continue.

Control modules for the most demanding applications – also as a third-party system retrofit

EIRCH has developed a comprehensive set of modular control solutions designed to safeguard quality and increase productivity. The spectrum ranges from entry-level versions to preventive molding sand management featuring a model catalogue, formulation calculation and additive calculation functions which work from a set of model-based parameters. EIRICH control systems offer proactive management and control of molding sand properties, particularly in combination with the QualiMaster AT1 online sand tester (used to determine the compactability and shear strength control parameters), SandReport software (continuous acquisition, analysis and archiving of production data) and SandExpert (additional calculation of all model-based formulations using production plans). Teleservice (remote monitoring), Condition Monitoring (online diagnostics) and IMD (Intelligent Material Distribution) modules are also available. Using the appropriate data interfaces, all production and system data can be transferred to higher-level production data acquisition systems for further processing.

Molding sand aerator – also as a retrofit

The sand aerator improves the flowability of the molding sand in the molding box and increases compactability at the molding machine. Casting quality is better and postprocessing costs are lower. The aerator consists of an aerator tool and a sand collection unit. It is installed along with a belt conveyor on the prepared sand line downstream from a mixer. In addition to on-conveyor installation, between-conveyor or head-on configurations are also possible. The sand aerator is designed for all standard conveyor sizes. It takes up little space and can easily be adapted to existing conveyors. The rugged low-maintenance design is typical for EIRICH.

EIRICH sand preparation systems installed as complete or partial solutions are highly versatile and can be adapted to different molding technologies and sand parameters. They supply sand to molding lines made by all manufacturers. The portfolio includes material handling, pre-treatment, return sand storage, sand preparation and transfer to the molding line. EIRICH can supply individual machines or turn-key sand preparation solutions.

You will find EIRICH at GIFA in Hall 17, Booth A38.

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