Elkem - GIFA Review

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GIFA, the world's largest and most important foundry exhibition, was a great success for Elkem.

Our large booth attracted many current and potential customers from early morning until closing time each day, notably the big and numerous delegations from Asia. Elkem was represented by over 80 worldwide personnel demonstrating our global coverage as a leading supplier who produce on three major continents.

Newcomers to the Elkem portfolio in recent years are Preseed™ preconditioner and the thermal analysis system EPICl™. These two innovations have led to a new way of thinking in terms of Elkem's traditional products and processes which have been based on inoculants and nodularisers. Preconditioning and the means to measure graphite activity in liquid base metal has moved Elkem’s technology upstream, and enabled better process control and hence better quality for customers.

Another highlight was the attached movie of an automated MgFeSi Ladle Charging System, which enables foundries to add the MgFeSi easily with a push button system. This combines the advantages of adding lumpy MgFeSi, with a better Mg recovery and a more receptive iron, with the advantages of automation and environmental control.

Systems to optimise recovery of magnesium from traditional MgFeSi alloys again makes this an attractive method of nodularising ductile irons and Elkem's expertise in rare earth application meant that customers worried about the rising costs of RE metals could be assured that Elkem was working with them to optimise the usage and minimise the exposure.

Introducing all the new developments, large crowds, combined with the cozy customer evening meant that GIFA 2011 was very successful.