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Eredi Scabini has recently expanded its product offering with BEcoatTM WB, a new line of aqueous suspensions with high Boron Nitride content to be used in the transfer/casting of Aluminium, Zinc and Magnesium.

BEcoatTM WB products are coatings applied on metal or ceramic materials that are in contact with molten metals to prevent corrosion and make the cleaning easier.

In addition to the excellent lubricating and ‘non-wetting’ properties of Boron Nitride, special nano-additives provide high adhesion and good abrasion resistance.

Some products of the BEcoatTM WB line are ready-to-use, others should be diluted with water. In all cases, their application is extremely simple and may be performed either by brush, spray or immersion. Moreover, the red colour of some products alerts the operator when a reconditioning is required.

The main applications of BEcoatTM WB are:

  • Transfer launders
  • Degassing Units
  • Hot top rings
  • Casting cups
  • Skimming tools
  • Casting launders
  • Casting tables
  • Nozzles
  • Ingot moulds
  • Skimmers
  • Filter box
  • Transition plates
  • Stoppers
  • Casting wheels

Just a few months after its launch, the product has already garnered great appreciation among customers and in some cases has quickly become part of the equipment necessary for routine maintenance.

All preformed products provided by Eredi Scabini can be precoated with BEcoatTM WB.

Key frame: Cleaning of casting table coated with BEcoatTM WB:

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