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EUROFUSIONI displays an A 170 machine by Italpresse made in 1972

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in front of the company's entrance in Reggio Emilia

to provide evidence of its 40 years of work and entrepreneurial success

Antenore Nironi started set up his business as a diecaster in Reggio Emilia with a A 170 Italpresse machine, serial number 171, made in 1972. The business went well and after a few years the machine was fitted with a metal feeder, which further improved its performance. We're in the Seventies and a large part of the Italian foundry sector was trying to improve production in a pioneering way by introducing automation, also thanks to the support of Italpresse. Indeed in those years Italpresse acquired Gauss, a company specialising in automation: it developed and manufactured devices to automatically feed melted metal from the furnace to the shot sleeve and remove the casting, thereby combining various needs: first of all an improvement in terms of quality and an increase in the number of pieces produced, as well as eliminating heavy-duty work previously carried out by the operator.

The years went by and the company expanded its range of machines, though the A 170 kept on working undeterred with a quality level that fully met growing expectations.
With the new generation, the company passed under the control of Antenore's son, Stefano, who decided to overhaul the A 170 to spruce it up, so that it would have been able to face the challenges of an increasingly demanding market.

Today, from back in 1972, 40 years have gone by: the machine performed over 15 million cycles for a higher amount of pieces and kept on producing at a quality level that is shown in the photo of one of the latest parts that have been moulded.  However, it is necessary to allow this glorious travelling companion to rest: indeed today it is mandatory to provide a series of reports and quality data for each batch produced. These are variables that only the latest electronic machinery can fully detect.

Stefano had no intention at all of scrapping the machine and decided to place it in a glass case in front of the plant for it to be remembered in time as the reason for the success of Eurofusioni, as the one who always maintained a quality level that far exceeded all expectations.

The original plate was officially handed over by Giorgio Bonvicini, Area Manager at Italpresse, a key figure of the company based in Capriano del Colle, who was also there when the glass case was closed: indeed during the inauguration ceremony Giorgio Bonvicini shared a number of memories and anecdotes with Stefano Nironi and area representative Franco Zecchini.

Sefano Nironi also said that no other machine in his company deserved so much consideration, “this is why I decided to give it a place of honour, so that it will always be remembered and given the right tribute”.

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