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EuroMold BRASIL 2014 – highlights

EuroMold BRASIL – International Trade Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development -, takes place together with Interplast, and has been made possible through a joint venture between Messe Brasil and Demat, one of the most prominent exhibition organizers in Germany.

Chinese company focuses on the automotive market
Eyeing Brazil’s growing automotive industry, the Chinese company Basis confirmed its presence in EuroMold BRASIL.

"We’re one of the three largest mold manufacturers in China. We produce plastic parts in SMC and castings for the automotive market”, says the executive vice president of Basis, Ryan Huang.

Moldetefa in EuroMold BRASIL
Moldetefa, a Portuguese company specialized in the manufacture of molds for the plastic injection industry, debuts in EuroMold BRASIL 2014. The company counts on the quality of its products and meeting tight deadlines.

“We’re responsible for the mold’s entire development and manufacturing process until its validation”, explains its managing partner, Mário Valente.

About 90% of the molds produced are for export, with the main markets being Europe, America and South America.

With ISO 9001:2008 certification, the company manufactures high precision technical molds for plastic injection, with maximum dimensions of 950x650mm and weight of up to 4 tons. These molds are specially designed for the automotive, electrical and electronics industry, but Moldetefa also manufactures molds for the medical, household appliances, packaging industry as well as for bi-material injection.

F. Ramada debuts at EuroMold BRASIL
In the Brazilian market, the Portuguese company, F. Ramada focuses on providing steel and alloy services with the subcontracting of machining services such as cutting recesses, water jet drilling and grinding for the mold and tool industries.

The company also supplies oxy-cut plates with machining service integration for the tool stamping industry.

“In Portugal we are the manufacturing industries’ trusted partners for molds and tools and we want to continue this journey in Brazil. In all our services and products, we ensure guaranteed quality supported by the experience of over 75 years of working with steel”, states the engineer Pedro Costa, Marketing Director.

F. Ramada, Aços e Indústrias S.A was established in 1935 and since then steel has become the company’s greatest bond with its customers. Over the years it has developed a quality culture, based on experience and daily work in the pursuit for better responses to customer’s needs.

“Today we’re a group of companies with a share capital of €15,000,000 and revenue of approximately €120,000,000. We process and market 60,000 tons of steel per year, being the national leaders in special steels (commercial), cold rolled narrow steel strips, cold drawn steel as well as storage systems and tools for wood", says Costa.

Compomoldes highlights imported products at exceptional prices
At EuroMold BRASIL for the first time, Compomoldes will present its components for injection molds, extractor pins, springs, heating elements, centralizers and temperature controller.

"We import and distribute in the Brazilian market high quality products at exceptionally fair prices and consistent with the current reality of the domestic industry", states Fernando Machado.       

Havetech showcases 3D printers
Havetech highlights in EuroMold BRASIL its line of 3D printers, taking printing straight to the casting process. "We have printers for the jewelry, dental, and mold industry as well as for other applications. Printers include those using SLA, SLS, FDM, LOM and DLP processes”, explains the company's director, Antonio Carlos Fernandes.

MDL Danly divulges a variety of products and services
MDL Danly divulges in EuroMold BRASIL its products and services tailored to the tooling, stamping, plastic injection molding, white goods, furniture and agricultural sectors. These include compression springs, components and accessories for die bases, self-lubricating components, punches, dies, punch holder, threading equipment, machining services on plates, die bases and mold bases (standard and special).

MDL has been present in Brazil since 1971 with plants in France, India, Mexico and USA.

“Our differential is in the production process, especially in high complexity and large dimensional ones, since our components, along with offering high precision, provide greater rigidity in the guide system, and are interchangeable with the equipment in the market", emphasizes the commercial manager, Raphael Mariano Jr.

Another differential is a deep hole drilling machine (Gundrill), which allows the execution of bores from 6 to 32 mm in diameter and length of up to 2 meters, meeting cooling needs, lodging for heating elements, hydraulic lines and passage of tubing and wires.

In order to preserve the environment, all waste from the production process is properly stored and disposed of in appropriate locations. The filtering process is recycled, reducing energy and water consumption.

SKA shows 3D printing applications for mold makers

Have you ever imagined reducing the amount of steel used in a prototype by 72%? To show that this is possible, SKA brings this year to its booth at EuroMold BRASIL, 3D printing applications for mold tooling.

“In a practical case, it was proven to be possible to print a mold for injecting a fan blade. The process, which is usually made in steel or aluminum and takes 30 days or more, was accomplished in Digital ABS in a 3D printer in just 22 hours", reports the sales manager, Paulo Schmaedecke.

After completion, the mold in Digital ABS was used for injection molding in an Arburg 70 with acetal (POM) at 210ºC. The results are a 72% decrease in the amount of steel used or 43% in the case of aluminum. Molds in Digital ABS may be used for batches of up to 100 parts, depending on the injected material or also for try outs of traditional molds made of steel or aluminum.

SKA is the leader in providing CAD and CAM software with a complete line of products for engineering design and project solutions from design, simulation, and documentation up to prototyping with 3D printing. For process engineering, it has software to generate machining programs, cutting and bending of metal sheets and profiles.

For 25 years the company has been offering products that support industrial processes of small and large corporations, from product design to manufacturing and maintenance.

The company has over 120 employees in six regional offices. The product portfolio includes leader products in their segments, such as Stratasys, SolidWorks, Edgecam, VISI, Machining Strategist, Lantek and QC. It also offers training services, support, consulting, CAD and PDM implementation and integration with ERP systems.

ACTech shows its expertise in casting prototype manufacturing
ACTech debuts at EuroMold BRASIL to present its expertise in manufacturing casting prototypes, with short delivery time. The company specializes in the manufacture of batches of up to 30 parts and prototypes for new designs, castings in sand or other options.

"We supply machined castings in up to five weeks after receiving the final CAD drawings and purchase order. Our great differential is an exclusive foundry for prototype production for batches of less than 30 parts. We have a wide variety of materials available, such as aluminum, steel and cast iron alloys", highlights the sales engineer for prototypes, Carlos Yanez.

The company also offers additional operations in the factory, which complement the casting capacity, such as: heat treatment, CNC machining, X-ray inspection, GOM optical measurement, low pressure leak test and complete metallurgical analysis.

ACTech has DNV Quality Certification including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.

"Brazil is a very important market for our company because it’s growing rapidly, as is the automotive market. And we want to grow together with Brazil, offering rapid prototyping for new car designs that’ll be created in the coming years, with new technology and engineering", affirms the president, Thomas Becker.

Yudo showcases its Bold line of temperature controllers for molds
Yudo showcases in EuroMold BRASIL 2014 its Bold line of temperature controllers for molds, plus the complete Tina line of nozzles, for technical and automotive applications. "We work with ISO manifold manufacturing technology, with excellent performance for color change and process optimization", highlights the commercial technical manager Robson Gonçalves.

Yudo, with a factory in Joinville, is the world’s leading manufacturer of hot-runner systems, with a local structure for sales, technical assistance, engineering and customer technical support.

Luftmaxi launches LUFT-150 evaporative air cooling system
In its debut in EuroMold, Luftmaxi launches LUFT-150 evaporative cooling system, in stainless steel. The equipment services areas of 400 to 600 m² and consumes 90% less energy in relation to an air conditioner. Therefore, the product is widely applied in industries and commerce.

Luftmaxi is a national company, founded in 1986 by renowned professionals in the field of ventilation and environmental control. With over 28 years of solid experience in the market, it comes as a serious, solid option for developments in the area.

"This is Luftmaxi’s philosophy: to offer our customers the best cost/benefit ratio in implementing equipment for industrial ventilation, exhaust and industrial air conditioning, combining know-how and experience allied with the latest technology for the total satisfaction of our customers and partners. Customer needs are analyzed by our technical team with extensive experience in the field, with the goal of providing the best results, developing specific and appropriate solutions", emphasizes the director Daniel Telles dos Santos.

Polimold exhibits its full line and offers special conditions for buying springs and pin extractors

Polimold returns to EuroMold BRASIL to exhibit its line of mold bases, hot runner systems, injection sequencers, temperature controllers, stamping bases as well as its entire component line, with special conditions offered in purchasing springs and pin extractors.

“These items can be found in its entirety on the new company website:”, says the director Alexandre Fix.


EuroMold BRASIL – International Trade Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development
Date: August 18 – 22, 2014
Time: 14:00 to 21:00
Location: Expoville – Joinville-SC – Brazil
Organization: Messe Brasil


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