EXACTCAST riser data now available in NovaCast’s NovaFlow&Solid by ASK Chemicals

ASK Chemicals’ EXACTCAST mini-riser and riser sleeves are now available in NovaCast’s casting simulation software NovaFlow&Solid.

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Feeding systems are characterized by specific thermo-physical properties. They are either exothermic or insulating, have different feeding volumes and specific material properties. Precise knowledge of these facts is crucial to predict a reliable result when simulating. Thanks to the integration of EXACTCAST riser data, including EXACTCAST OPTIMA and KMV XL, into the NovaFlow&Solid simulation software, it is now possible to simulate feeding and solidification processes based on high quality data. EXACTCAST riser data allows for high accuracy by using real modulus data validated in ASK Chemicals’ pilot foundry and re-confirmed in on-site customer trials.

With the integration of riser data into NovaFlow&Solid, foundries can find the best feeding system setup for their casting development. Using casting simulations helps to leverage important optimization potentials. The design and engineering process becomes more efficient as problems can be identified at an earlier development stage: Trial-and-error as well as scrap and time-consuming rework is avoided. Foundries using casting simulations can reduce their development costs, shorten ramp-up times and speed-up time to market.

Håkan Fransson, Technical Manager Simulation at NovaCast Systems comments:”Our collaboration with ASK Chemicals has been beneficial for us in developing NovaFlow&Solid 6.6 and making it more flexible for our users. The additional data helps easily create realistic simulations for the optimization of castings."

Udo Skerdi, Head of Technical Product Management Feeding Systems Europe at ASK Chemicals, adds, "With our EXACTCAST data in NovaFlow&Solid, users can easily simulate with real and accurate feeding system data, try out other feeding techniques and optimize their castings accordingly. As always, our design services and feeding systems experts are happy to help if there are any questions."

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