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Exhibitors presenting solutions for optimised cleaning processes

7th International Leading Trade Fair for Cleaning within the Production Process and Maintenance with the broadest international scope

Over 220 exhibitors from eleven countries will be represented at the 7th parts2clean, which will be held from October 20th to 22nd at the Stuttgart trade fair centre in Germany. Visitors can therefore expect to find a comprehensive range of solutions for satisfying the continually increasing demands on the cleanliness of parts and surfaces. The COROSAVE area also offers information on the topics of temporary corrosion protection, preservation and the packaging of cleaned parts.


“parts2clean has a strong market position, meaning that a great many previous exhibitors as well as new exhibitors have chosen to participate.As a result, we have been able to achieve an increase in net exhibition area of six percent.One factor that certainly played a role is that particularly during economically challenging times, the cleaning of parts and surfaces in the user industries is examined more closely in order to identify more efficient solutions.parts2clean is now considered internationally as the number one information and procurement source. Naturally, the providers understand this,” reports Hartmut Herdin, Managing Director of the event planner fairXperts GmbH.


Developments in quality- and cost-optimised cleaning

The cleaning of parts and surfaces of various materials is now considered a value-creating step in nearly all industries, such as in the automotive, electronics, semiconductor and foodstuffs industries, mechanical engineering and plant construction, medical technology, aerospace and aviation, hydraulics and pneumatics, precision mechanics and engineering as well as maintenance.To assist in organising these processes more efficiently, the exhibitors at part2clean are presenting new developments and advancements in practically all areas.These include, for example, a new plant concept for aqueous cleaning that can be individually adapted to the cleaning requirements thanks to a modular design with regard to the number of baths and the process technology.Also premiering this year is a plant specially developed for cleaning and degreasing long objects as well as a cleaning system for the treatment of flat and endless substrates, such as coils.If parts need to be deburred in addition to cleaning, flexible plants are available in which the objects can be deburred by high pressure, brushes and tools as well as cleaned.


In addition to the classic wet chemical methods, exhibitors at parts2clean are also presenting various special processes, such as biological cleaning, plasma processes, shock wave cleaning and systems for cleaning with CO2 snow, dry ice and supercritical carbon dioxide. 


Robots are being increasingly used for the automation of cleaning processes.The exhibitors will also be offering some new developments in the area of cleaning media.These include aqueous media that simultaneously clean and remove rust from steel and iron parts.A trend toward cleaning agents not subject to mandatory labelling can also be observed here.Since the efficiency of the cleaning processes depends significantly on the media preparation, exhibitors at parts2clean are presenting effective and optimally adapted filtration and separation systems (e.g. oil separators, particle filters, membrane filters, water treatment), allowing baths to be used for longer periods.In the area of cleaning and transport containers for batch processes, the new developments target a reduction in operating costs through decreased handling requirements.Various new products and processes are also being presented for monitoring and documentation of the final level of cleanliness, for instance according to VDA 19.


Exhibitors at the integrated COROSAVE will be presenting effective and economical solutions for corrosion protection, preservation and packaging of cleaned parts and surfaces.These include a new zinc-nickel alloy as well as an organic, aluminium-rich top coat with an integrated lubricant for defined adaptation of the friction properties for zinc and zinc alloy layers as well as zinc lamella coatings and a new spray process in which various spray additives are applied to the part surface from a spray gun using a special nozzle system.


The International Leading Trade Fair for Cleaning within the Production Process and Maintenance as well as COROSAVE, the International Trade

Fair for Corrosion Protection, Preservation and Packaging, will be open on all three fair days from October 20th to 22nd from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.The entrance price for both fairs, including fair catalogue, is 25 euro.


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