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FerroPem promotes Inobar® as cover of FeSiMg to enhance Mg recovery

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Since many years, FerroPem is promoting Inobar® as a pre-conditioner for both grey and ductile iron.
The concept of pre-conditioning the iron with high barium content inoculant, together with the usage of late stream inoculation, was originally developed by FerroPem in the late 70s.
Now, another practice with Inobar® is well-spread and very effective : to use Inobar® as part of the cover during nodularization treatment (FeSiMg treatment), for either Tundish Cover or Sandwich processes, in order to highly improve magnesium recovery.

In fact barium, which is the base of Inobar®, is addict of oxygen and will merge preferably with prevailing oxygen in the ladle. Thanks to this, instead of melting with oxygen for making magnesium oxides, magnesium will remain more "free", more active and more dedicated to nodularization process.
As magnesium is more operative, the magnesium recovery is highly improved : in many foundries we have seen improvements up to 15% and sometimes even little bit more ! Thanks to this positive result, you can foresee a reduction in FeSiMg addition in the ladle.
We recommend using Inobar® jointly with steel cover on the top of your FeSiMg.

By using Inobar® such way, you still keep all advantages of Inobar® as pre-conditioning inoculant too (long fading, dry slags easy to remove, high nucleation, longer lifetime of refractories, better machinability of castings…).