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FerroTrade - 40 years of foundry experience

Many years of experience in the foundry industry and in-depth knowledge of technological and business consulting have made FerroTrade a strong partner.These are our areas of activity:

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These are our areas of activity:

  • Consulting
    • Planning and project management of foundries and plants
    • Rationalisation measures
    • Consulting with regard to foundry technology
    • Process optimisation and consulting with regard to resource efficiency
    • Strengths and weaknesses analysis

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  • PPS/ERP software from practitioners for practitioners
    • FoundPlan for foundries
    • SmithPlan for smiths
    • MachinPlan for machining companies
    • PlastPlan for plastic injection moulding companies

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  • Global procurement management of castings, metal & machine parts
    • Grey casting and spheroidal casting (ductile casting)
    • Steel casting
    • Investment casting
    • Aluminium casting
    • Drop-forged or open die-forged parts
    • Welding constructions sheet metal and machining parts

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The economic, environmental and social challenges faced by a modern company demand innovative ideas, extraordinary intellectual and scientific achievements, of which there is no shortage within the companies yet, the implementation of such ideas often fails due to the smallest of details.

This is why we are offering you our consultancy services

We have many years of experience in the foundry industry. Our consultancy and planning services are always geared towards the expert knowledge of processes and structures. In this way, we are able to provide you with customised solutions that take your specific requirements into account and we don't just resort to familiar standards in doing so.

Our goal is to coordinate your ideas and to put these into practice by grouping skills.

In solving the tasks presented, rational, economical and technologically flexible procedu-res are selected, modern machines and systems are applied, and the demands placed on us by our clients, as well as demands for environmental protection and for the establish-ment of humane working conditions, are taken into consideration.

In this way, we ensure that the competitive ability of our clients increases, thereby enabling them to strengthen their position in both domestic and international markets.


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