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Fondarex expands its presence in europe with a new plant

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We are truly delighted to announce the opening of:

FONDAREX EUROPE GMBH at Röntgenstrasse 9, 66763 Dillingen Saar, Germany.

At the same time, we have the pleasure of presenting the new team in Germany:

Mr Stefan Jenal, as Managing Director of FONDAREX EUROPE GMBH, with 25 years of experience in HPDC

Dr Andreas Mertz, as R&D and technology engineer of FONDAREX EUROPE GMBH, with 35 years of experience in HPDC

Mr Torsten Usner, as service technician of FONDAREX EUROPE GMBH, with 15 years of experience in HPDC

This new team comprises highly experienced and competent employees to best serve Fondarex's customers.

Moreover, its members offer a rock-solid foundation for FONDAREX EUROPE GMBH.

The over 20 current agencies throughout Europe will continue to fully support Fondarex customers on site.

Responsibilities of FONDAREX EUROPE GMBH:

  • Establishment of a Fondarex European warehouse to deliver components easily and quickly to Fondarex customers
  • Support for existing Fondarex agencies
  • Supply of the entire range of Fondarex devices for testing purposes
  • Trade and sale of Fondarex products
  • Sale of attractive maintenance service solutions
  • Process engineering consultancy: from tool design to simulation incl. parameter and device recommendation

FONDAREX EUROPE GMBH will also engage in the research and development of other compatible products for the FONDAREX Group. Stay tuned for more good news at the end of 2022!

The FONDAREX GROUP comprises FONDAREX SA (headquarters) in Switzerland,


On behalf of FONDAREX, we would like to thank Mr Jenal, Dr Mertz and Mr Usner for their future commitment.

As a team, FONDAREX GROUP will always do its utmost to be a trustworthy partner to customers in vacuum die-casting!

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