FOSECO: Ferrous Melt Shop

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The Foseco INITEK ductile iron process eliminates the undesirable side effects of the inescapable but harmful addition of Mg into the metallic matrix and permits a significant reduction of the Mg alloy addition. Furnace and pouring temperatures can be significantly reduced.
Other highlights include melt charge optimising software, thermal analysis and “state-of-the-art” metal stream inoculation technology.
The techniques and linings used for metal melting and transfer have a major impact on casting production. They affect the casting quality, productivity, energy consumption, and carbon footprint of the casting producer.
Foseco now offer a full range of solutions for metal melting, ladle transfer and casting pouring. A variety of exhibits will demonstrate the latest furnace linings; TRIAD easy to install cement free refractory systems; KALTEK low density ladle linings for cold start applications and VAPEX and VISO stopper rod and nozzle systems.
David Hrabina
European Application Manager Ferrous Foundries

Jerome Drevin
European Product Manager Linings

Rudi Bittniok
European Product Manager Flow Control

Hall 3 – Stand D130 & E160

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