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Foseco | Non Ferrous Methoding

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The methoding area will highlight the optimal use of foam filters, die coating and <link>feeding systems in sand and gravity die casting applications. Applications will be shown for aluminium, copper base
and magnesium castings demonstrating excellent yield combined with improved casting quality.

New long life DYCOTE DURA coating of Foseco GmbH

New case studies of non-ceramic SIVEX filters used in high quality, technically demanding applications will be displayed.

As well as conventional running and gating systems we will also show KALPUR units for the direct pouring of castings through a filter and sleeve combination.

New long life DYCOTE Dura coating applications will show significant improvements in productivity in gravity and low-pressure die.

Novel applications of highly accurate KALMIN 250 inorganic bonded sleeves will demonstrate cost savings and an improved working environment in the production of automotive aluminium sand and gravity die castings.

Casting exhibits will be supported by case studies and MAGMA computer flow simulations.

Wolfgang Hops

European Product Manager Non Ferrous Methoding

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