Foundry Industry in Iran - According to International reports in 2012

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According to International reports in 2012 Islamic Republic of Iran with 331 Billion $ GDP in the world ranking was in 32 position. The division of GDP for different sectors was 46% for services, %18 Oil, 25% Mine & Industry and 11% belong to agriculture sector.

Casting of Metals has a very old history that goes to 5000 years B.C but industrial Foundry Production Started From 1953 in Iran.

In 2012 statistics and estimations of experts shows that Foundry production in Iran with a decrease was about 540,000tons with a turn over near 1.2 billion $ that was 1.45 percent of GDP for industrial sector. Comparing with Foundry production of 37 countries (46th census of world casting production – 2012 Modern Casting) Iran Foundry will have 18 position, 0.58% of world production.

Foundry Production
YEAR / Alloy Grey Iron Ductile Iron Malleable Iron High Alloy Cast Iron Steel Al Copper Base Zinc Total
1993 194,823 63,072 4,240 11,778 15,701 17,289 17,489 1883 326,373
2010 395,000 180,000 - 30,000 68,000 52,000 39,000 12,000 780,000
2011 370,000 150,000 - 32,000 65,000 55,000 36,000 10,000 718,000
2012 230,000 120,000 - 35,000 70,000 40,000 30,000 15,000 540,000

More than 1250 Foundries are active in production Ferrous and non-Ferrous alloys, more than 80% of production is produced in large and medium and 20% Small Foundries. Large Foundries have annual capacity from 15 to 80,000 tons and small size less than 500 tons.

There is a growing home market for casting demand in different sectors.
Some Important Sectors2012Vision 2025
1-Car & Auto Industry0.95 M. units3 M. units
2-Steel20 M. tons60 M. tons
3-Copper0.35 M. tons1 M. tons
4-Aluminium0.4 M. tons1 M. tons
5-Cement70 M. tons130 M. tons
6-Mine (Cu , Fe , Pb, Zn , …)180 M tons250 M. tons

In addition many project for development in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Mine, Water & Energy, Road & Railway new cities and renovating old structures of large cities are part of a hopeful scope for home market.

Foundry & Export
Advantages and apportunities for foundry are divided in two categories that can be explained in two triangles. One in Energy, Labour and Raw Material and the second is Market, Distance and Technology.
Now the price of Energy has been rised during Last year but still there will be a compatible and cheap source remain for Energy and it is Natural Gas.
Raw material is also an advantage for Foundry Industry in Iran because of big sand resources of metallic mines and Ferro-alloys Production. (Ferro-Si, Ferro-Cr, Ferro-Mn, Ferro-Mo)
The cost of labour is not high and No. of educated students from universities are enough for new plants.
There is also a huge market in Iraq, Afghanistan, CIS’, North and central Africa that are not far from Iran so expantion of Industrial-Exports will drive Foundry Industries.
For example base price for grey cast Iron is 0.8 Euro/Kg and ductile iron 1.1 and Last prices for Gas & Electricity in Industry are 0.1 Euro/m3 &  0.05 Euro/kw and 1 to 2 Euro/kg for carbon steel to high alloyed casting steel parts.

Iran Foundry Syndicate (I.F.S)
The 4th International Foundry Technical Forum, Conference & Exhibition
Exhibition covers all Equipments and Materials for Iran Foundry and Metallurgy Industries

Foundry Industry has a good vision in Iran, because of using low cost energy, material and labour that are the three major needs for this Industry, so Iran has also a developing market for Foundry Industry. We believe that if you are involved in the industry as a supplier to metal casters or as a producer of metal castings this event is a must. If your company related to metal casting equipment, consumable supplies, or management and marketing services, CastExpo has always been your opportunity to show off your latest and greatest to metal casters.  Regarding this need Iran Foundry Syndicate  in cooperate with Rastak Pad Vison Expo has organized the 4th International Foundry Technical Forum, Conference & Exhibition in 3 days for Companies which are active in the fields of:

  1. Foundry &Products
  2. Foundry Machinery
  3. Furnaces and Thermo process
  4. Raw Materials for Foundry Metallurgical Industry
  5. Software Services
  6. Lab equipments

Beside the Exhibition a Technical Forum will be held in three days consist of Technical Workshops and one day courses.

The subjects for the Forum will be:

  1. Foundry &Market
  2. Development in Foundry Efficiency and Optimizations
  3. Saving Energy and Environmental Management.
  4. Simulation and Softwares usage in Foundry
  5. Innovations in Foundry Processes Materials
  6. Company Products Presentations
  7. Exports of casting parts