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Thomas Dudley award-winning foundry provides a true single source solution for castings in grey iron, SG iron, austempered ductile iron and SiMo in batch quantities from 100 to 100,000 and beyond. Dudley’s UK foundries and team of engineering specialists are vastly experienced across a broad range of industry
sectors and have the capability to produce the most complex cast iron components.

A unique approach that has been proven across thousands of casting projects allows Thomas Dudley to work proactively in partnership with customers to continuously exceed expectations. As a result, the foundries are able to deliver value-adding benefits that are beyond less flexible foundries. 

Casting Grades as follows:

    • Grey iron grades BS EN 1561:2011
    • SG / ductile iron grades BS EN 1563:2011
    • Austempered ductile irons (ADI) and SiMo
    • Disamatic mould sizes up to 750 x 570mm and castings to 30Kg
    • Kunkel Wagner mould sizes up to 870 x 650mm and castings to 90Kg
    • Airset mould sizes up to 1,400mm x 1,400mm and castings to 120Kg

Casting Tolerances:

    • Grey and ductile iron castings to near net shape and within CT9 tolerances

Core Making: 

    • Full in-house Bianchi shell and Laempe cold box core making, coating and drying


    • Precision drilling, tapping and grinding
    • Heat treatment
    • Painting, coating, enamelling and other specialist finishes
    • Assembly to integrate castings into sub-assemblies
    • Bespoke packaging

The foundry overview includes:

    • Manufacturing in the UK since 1920
    • Family owned and managed business
    • Experienced and award-winning management team
    • Invest heavily in the latest technology
    • Exceptional quality control is employed throughout the business
    • Take advantage of advanced processes to offer assured casting integrity
    • Provide a financially stable source of supply
    • Full in-house core making, coating and drying capabilities and full in-house pattern making facilities
    • Disamatic, Kunkel Wagner and airset moulding lines provide the ability to select the perfect
        production platform for each casting project
    • Instilled a customer driven culture and approach
    • The Company’s Envirofacturing™ initiative ensures and offers an environmentally responsible source
        of supply.

Dudley’s commitment to investing in technology has continued since 2010, investing over £12 million on machinery and technology. Thomas Dudley’s commitment to supporting and working in partnership with existing and new customers as a value-adding, strategic engineering partner is of key importance. Unlike many other foundries, Thomas Dudley’s foundry division can call upon automated and air-set manufacturing facilities to provide a uniquely flexible, UK based production platform. This offers a reliable and extremely cost-effective source of supply, for any given requirement. 

Thomas Dudley Ltd. provides the complete solution for iron castings. Backed by the successful Thomas Dudley Group, the foundry division is able to call upon unrivalled expertise in the design, development and manufacture of castings. The Company’s UK foundry division and team of engineering specialists are vastly experienced across a broad range of industry sectors and have the capability to produce the most complex cast iron components.  


Company Info

Thomas Dudley Ltd

PO Box 28 Birmingham New Road
DY1 4SN Dudley, West Midlands

Telephone: 0121 530 7000