Foundry on Wheels – Bringing Automotive and Foundry together in Portugal

Foundry-Planet Interview with Vitor Anjos, CITNM General Manager

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In 2017 CITNM in Portugal presented the first edition of “Foundry on Wheels”. Foundry-Planet speaks with Vitor Anjos, CITNM General Manager, about the upcoming edition this year.

FP: Vitor, who is CITNM, the organizer of this excellent event?

Vitor Anjos: The Centre for Innovation and Technology N.Mahalingam (CITNM) is a non-profit association created in 2015 by Sakthi Portugal with the mission to enhance knowledge and innovation in the metallurgy field, encourage cooperation between institutions in order to strengthen R&D&I and perpetuate knowledge for future generations. In order to accomplish its mission, CITNM’s strategy is based on the development of partnership for R&D projects, implementation of educational programs, and metallurgical consultancy to help companies evolve to face future challenges and lead in innovation.

FP: The first Foundry on Wheels in 2017 was a great success with very good feedback from visitors. What was your impression of the event? 

Vitor Anjos: The congress’s 1st edition in October 2017 was really successful and we explored three important points for the future of both sectors: I) Strategy alignment for the automobile and foundry sectors in order to anticipate R&D solutions; II) Leverage R&D initiatives in foundries; III) Reposition the foundry industry in the automotive value chain as a response to market needs and trends. 

We have dedicated two days to sharing ideas, knowledge, and to debate innovation, which allowed an enlightening view on the future of these two industries. It emphasized the current discussion about the dichotomy between the electric and internal combustion engine, and the evolution in the application of castings to the production of components. 

We were pleased to have the special participation of Robert Dover (former CEO Austin Martin and former Director of Manufacturing for JLR) and Götz Mehner (Head of the Product Development Department at Continental Automotive), among so many others influent decision-makers from the industry.

FP: What can we expect in 2019?
Vitor Anjos: 
2019 Foundry On Wheels, the event’s second edition, will take place on the 17th and 18th of October 2019. The topics for this year’s event are dedicated to: I) Advanced Materials and Technology, II) Product Development and III) Body in White. This year we will have the special participation of representatives from Opel/PSA Groupe, BMW, Rolls Royce, Renault, Kirchhoff, SinterCast, Sakthi Portugal, IK4-Azterlan, among others. 

 “Reason to be” - Foundry on Wheels
The Automotive industry is the main customer of foundry castings. Based on our experience, we noticed the lack of a dedicated debate that could join the specific interests of the two industries, especially at a time where there are important changes going on that will have a huge impact on foundry itself. In 2017, CITNM launched the 1st edition of an international congress to align the R&D strategies of the foundry and automotive industries. The main goal is to join OEMs and foundry related suppliers to debate innovation in both sectors and align strategies for further developments. The congress takes place every two years, in CITNM’s headquarters in Portugal.

CITNM also pays special attention on showing the best work being done by Start-Ups, Universities and Research Centres by giving them the time and space to announce their latest findings of interest for the automotive industry.

To learn more about the event program we are preparing for you and to register, please visit <link http: external-link-new-window internal link in current>

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