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General Chemical: Mudding Compounds

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General Chemical is a pioneer and worldwide supplier in supplying water based & solvent based fast drying temporary protective coatings.  We have been a proven worldwide supplier for over 25 years for various substrates such as aluminum, ferrous and non-metallic surfaces.  We have a robust of amount of coatings in the market to fit your company needs.  Our products can be applied as liquid, sprayed, rolled on, or brushed on to form a dry form fitting film that can be peeled with ease when required.  This prevents damage on any desired surface if applied properly.  We have sales people available who speak English, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Hindi. We have sales people stationed in the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. Our FoundryChem® Cold Box Release agents are available in oil based formulations. Our Foundry Mudding Compounds have enough lubrication to fill large voids and still provide a smooth application to any mold or core and dry to a hard surface without cracking or shrinking.

Mudding Compounds
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In the Sand Casting Process, Mudding or Daubing Compounds are used to fill any cracks or defects in molds or cores to prevent any mechanical penetration of metal into these cracks or defects during pouring.  General Chemical offers many types of Mudding Compounds can be easily worked into core joints and smoothed without special tools or techniques, reducing grinding and cleaning of finished castings