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General Kinematics Fall Stabilizer Sale!

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Today we are all faced with the ever escalating energy costs.  As such, many organizations are looking for ways to improve operating efficiencies in production equipment.  One way in particular is to ensure your vibrating equipment is running straight and true to maximize conveyability and processing of your product.  

Replacing worn stabilizer legs can be a very effective way of increasing the efficiency of a vibratory unit.  Doing so will decrease operating costs and provide you with a positive impact on available uptime and unexpected downtime of your equipment.
General Kinematics conducts lifecycle testing on components in our state-of-the-art facilities. This results in continuous improvement with performance updates designed to provide you with the most reliable components for your vibratory equipment.


If it is time for you to replace the stabilizer legs in your conveyor, you're one step closer to maximizing the performance of your unit. As an added bonus, General Kinematics is now offering our portable stroke monitor at discounted prices with the order of stabilizers through the following schedule:

  • Replace all stabilizers on one unit
    10% off list of a portable stroke monitor
  • Replace all stabilizers on two units
    15% off list of a portable stroke monitor
  • Replace all stabilizers on three or more units 
    20% off list of a portable stroke monitor

To qualify for this offer, contact your GKparts representative. Provide the serial number of your unit(s) and we will take it from there! Or visit our website, <link http:>, and submit your request electronically.

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