GER-Fritz Winter A storage for 155 tons of iron

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One of the largest storage heaters for liquid iron in the world now was installed on the site of the iron foundry Fritz Winter in Stadtallendorf/Germany.

Only the steel tank weighs 33 tons. The refractory furnace lining weighs 75 tons. It took hours, until the storage heater finally reached a place in a hall and was installed there.

Since May, the company builds Stadtallendorf with a total investment of around four million € in the new facility with oven house, operating rooms, control room, laboratory oven space for research and development department and agency level for the maintenance department melting operation. Back in November, the project should be put into operation.

The goal of investment management, according to the iron foundry Stadtallendorf storing special irons to increase the quality and the decoupling of the production processes of melting and casting. The liquid to be stored iron with about 1,500 degrees Celsius for the cupola or induction furnace crucible melted and poured at several molding plants.
155 tons of liquid iron can save the new furnace and is the world according to the company one of the largest storage heaters for liquid iron.

In the event of a possible accident, the furnace itself is built into a pit kiln, which is equipped with an emergency collecting pit for the liquid iron.

The Fritz Winter foundry in Stadtallendorf is supplier of cast parts and complex system components for automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial hydraulics in the world.

Currently the company employs approximately 3,700 people. Winter claims to be the largest independent foundry in Europe. The export share is over 50 percent of annual sales.

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