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GER - TITAL supplies Water Extractor for Aircraft A/C Systems

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· TITAL supplies Water Extractor for Aircraft A/C Systems

· Customer will equip Boeing 747-800 and A400M

· Investment Castings Ready for  Assembly

· Become a System Supplier

Bestwig. The investment casting specialist TITAL has established itself as a  system supplier to Liebherr Toulouse, one of the leading manufacturers of air  conditioning systems (Liebherr supplies the aviation industry with components  for air conditioning systems). TITAL will produce two different air-water  extractors at a total quantity of more than 1,000 units ready for assembly over  the coming years. The aluminium investment castings are fundamental parts of  Liebherrs A/C systems to equip the Boeing 747-800 as well as the military  transporter A400M. To date Liebherrs water extractors were assembled and welded  by hand from a large number of individual parts.

However, the investment casting  technology now allows Liebherr to reduce to four the number of individual parts
and thus to make significant savings in terms of weight and  costs.

Philipp Jerusalem, Director Sales & Marketing at  TITAL, comments: We have acquired a special unique selling proposition that  clearly sets us apart from our competitors. This water extractor is a prime  example of a successful vertical integration. This means that TITAL not only  produces the four individual aluminium investment castings, but also does the  machining, welding and the required pressure tests. Afterwards the functional  surfaces of the water extractors undergo a special treatment. The parts receive  surface protection, and finally the requested add-on parts such as screws,  safety ropes, and identity plates will be assembled. Liebherr receives the water  extractors ready for integration. 

The water extractors that TITAL is going to supply to Liebherrs air conditioning systems will help to extract excess humidity from  the cabin air. First the passing air is cycled, so that the little water drops  fly outside thanks to centrifugal forces. They stick to the walls of the  extractor before flowing off via drainage  channels.

Thomas Stephan, Key-Account-Manager at TITAL underlines  the importance of high-performing A/C systems for aircrafts: It is a rule of  thumb that the air in an aircraft must be completely exchanged every one or two
minutes. To do so the bleed air from the engine will be transferred inside  the aircraft. The temperatures being rather moderate, a material such as  aluminium is excellent, and thats what we use for the water extractors,  Stephan remarks. A total of three independent climate packs will be installed in  every Boeing 747-800, and two packs each in the A  400M.

The company based in Bestwig sees good chances to become  a system supplier on a long-term basis for the Boeing 747-800 as well as the  A400M - as long as they will be produced. We consider this purchase order as a
strategic opportunity. It is another building block to guarantee workplaces at  TITAL long term, Jerusalem  explains.