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GIFA / Thermprozess 2011: Very positive results for ABP Induction

ABPThe selection of the ABP Induction-Theme "Sustainable Technology" and the presentation of this topic throughout the booth design, as well as  shown by the ABP products, was well received from all GIFA attendees. In discussions with visitors from all over the world ABP Induction presented focus to energy efficiency, CO2-reduction, recycling and regeneration, reliability and long life time, low operational costs and elimination of hazardous workplaces.

The new items at the GIFA presented innovative solutions including the ABP converter technology, the ABP Ecotop hood, the control technology for automated pouring, the zone heater technology and also the service concept "From Old to New" attracted day by day a tremendous amount of visitors.

ABPABP showcased an induction furnace to melt steel with a production rate of 25 t/hr demonstrating ABP Induction's strong presence in this market providing new technical standards.

ABPDuring the fair, open technical and commercial questions of a new steel plant in Russia (yearly production 180.000 t/ year) were solved. ABP will build during mid 2012 a new steel plant. This is a complete solution including Induction technology with a melt shop (25 t/h), ladle furnace, and an induction heater between the continuous casting machine and the rolling

This prove the trend that ABP's sustainable technology like high powered environmental friendly medium frequency induction furnaces are widely been accepted by Steel producers world over.

ABP Induction also finalized successfully 3 orders from well known foundries in Brazil, Mexico and Germany and underlined ABP Induction's technological leading position in the market.

The keen interest and appreciation of our visitors in ABP's drive towards sustainability is quite motivating.

ABP Induction Systems GmbH is a leading manufacturer for "Aluminium melting furnaces", "Electrical Installations", "Pouring Equipment" and many more. For further information and contact details click here: ABP Induction Systems GmbH
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